Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another breath before the plunge!

Hello everyone!!! I know that I've been horrible keeping up with this blog, but I have had so many other things going on in my life ^^;! Good things, mind you! Just been really keeping me on my toes :). I have a ton of pictures that I want to show all of you! And some other stuff I want to use text to tell since pictures can't always be worth a thousand words XD.

So, first off! I'll start of by saying that winter semester ended week before last and it was insanely stressful near the end, but I got everything I needed to done :D! I had a nice 4-day break before spring semester started -__-;, but I was grateful for those four days I had to just relax although I did have to keep waking up at 4:00 a.m. every weekday morning for work. It's all right though! Gotta have some kind of livelihood going on hahahah.

This semester I'm taking a couple of general education classes-Biology 100 and Religion A 122 (2nd half of the Book of Mormon). If you know me well, you know that my first experience with a religion class at BYU set off my ticking bomb of hidden unhappy crap, and this class feels like it might be similar, but I'm going to do my best to tolerate the stuff that I don't believe in and try to accept the things that I think are right that are being taught in the class. I'm such a rebel hahahaha. My biology teachers are really cool though, so I think that class is going to be my saving grace this semester. I'm also working a little bit on Chasm concept art, and I'm praying that I can do a good job on it because I want that film to turn out the best that it can. I have this fear that I need to get over that tells me "Your work isn't as good as the other people who are in the concept art group, you shouldn't be working on it," but I know I have skill and I can use it to mine and other's benefits, so I'm going to do my best to fight that nasty voice and create some awesome concepts for the film!!! <3

Now! Before I talk about anything else, here's a buttload of images :D. I'll be explaining them as I go along. Enjoy!

 A yummy breakfast :D.

 So...I love to take pictures of the sky when it's looking different than it usually looks, and I thought this looked amazing as I was walking home from school one day :D. So I snapped a photo!

 The beginnings of spring!!

 A "protein cookie dough" recipe that I got from LeanBodyLifestyle :). Basically consists of protein powder, peanut butter, almond milk (in my case), and dark chocolate chips :).

 This is a lunch I made for my dad and I a couple weeks ago :). It was really yummy :)!

 Some soup I made for myself when I wasn't feeling my best :). It turned out really good! Used tofu, cabbage, broccoli, baby carrots, white miso...and probably a couple more things, but yeah :D! Good stuff. Filled me up with good nutrients :).

 I think this was my breakfast one day...soft boiled eggs and oatmeal :D. It's all thanks to runnyrunny999 that I figured out how to soft-boil eggs so that the white part is finished, but the yoke is undone :D. Love it!

 Made some more soup for myself--this time with tilapia instead of tofu :).

 Some notes that I took during the scripting class I took during, I just used a lot of words twice there hahahah!!!

 This was a pita that I ordered at this "healthier" restaurant named "The Pita Pit." This thing was as big as my flat hand!!! Full of awesome veggies, the pita itself was wheat, and there was chicken breast inside. Delicious! It has become a treat for me if I'm ever feeling like I don't want to cook. I either go here or Cafe Fresh :).

 This is a whiteboard at my work in the break room, and someone had written in Russian, so I wrote in Japanese that I don't understand Russian, so they should write in English XD. 'Twas a fun little conversation XD.

 So! This is a somewhat famous J-pop group named "bless4" that came and did a fireside at BYU near the end of the semester. I went to it with one of my classmates and they were pretty good :). Love the pictures of them dancing up there hahaha XD.

I really wanted to ask them what someone like me should do to try and start doing music, and the guy on the very right told me that I should "learn how to know [myself] so that [I] know what kinds of messages [I] want to put into [my] music." At first I thought his answer was kind of cliche and cheesy, but I learned to appreciate it for what it was and learn from it :). They were a cool group of people :).

 This is something that I made for lunch one day :D. I think it was teriyaki chicken with brussels sprouts, onion, carrot, and broccoli ^^;.

 While at the gymn, I decided to take a picture of my leg muscle because it looked HUGE XD. Yay for healthy, lean muscle <3~! I hope to gain more of it :).

 A spinach salad I made! Underneath the salsa and spinach was some tuna probably mixed with light mayonnaise :).

 This was me a couple of Saturdays ago at a salon called "Relik" over in American Fork. Got my hair all dyed red and chopped my bangs off XD. Really liked the result!!

 Here's how it looked right after I got it cut :)!

 I super love how the color melts from a brighter red to a purple red XD. Totally made me happy!!! <3

 Apparently when I get my hair done, I take weird pictures of myself for fun hahaha!!!

 At Home Depot with my dad the day after getting my hair done :D.

 Ohhhh turkey meatloaf muffins~! How I love you!!! This was a great meal. Brussels sprouts and broccoli with  a few sprits of spray butter and the meaty muffins.

 Me after a shower! :D.

 This was an interesting experiment! I put some tomatoes, salsa, celery, tuna, and quinoa in my rice cooker and let it go for a while :). The end product was pretty good!! Kinda wished I'd put more fish in there though because it mixed in a little too well hahaha.

 I took this picture because I SUPER loved the look that I was getting with the layers in my hair. You can see them transfer from my bangs down into the rest of my hair. I super love that curved, tapered layer look!!!

...I'm a weirdo, I know XD.

 The eggs-pizza-oatmeal breakfast 8/...? Hahaha!!! I wanted some protein, but didn't have my regular breakfast (the meatloaf muffins), so I decided to try out LeanBodyLifestyle's breakfast pizza recipe and it turned out pretty good! I used a little too much cheese though ^^;. Still delicious!

 A BEAUTIFUL sunset that was happening right outside my parent's house some Sunday hahaha. Had to snap a picture :).

 Some more pictures of my crazy awesome hair XD. Red on top, brown in the middle, red purple on the bottom XD. Looked super cool when I put it into braids because all of the colors showed through :D.

 Sometimes my coworkers and I do weird things...include dress up each other in mesh bags, empty boxes, and plungers 8(...! XD

 Me lookin' all sweaty-like after a TOUGH BodyRock workout. Just joined them and I've already gained a lot of muscle :D! It really pushes me and I like that about it because my own workouts just weren't up to par ^^;.

 There is something incredibly, and strangely, satisfying about being able to see all of the crap come up off the rugs you vacuum where I work XD. Or sweeping. That's pretty satisfying too. Especially when the floor is covered in little seedlets and coal XD.

 I thought this was incredibly beautiful! Snapped it on my way to my car this last Friday after my Biology class was over. So green!!! I love it!

 Me being wind-blown and loving it XD.

 I drew this little Munny design while waiting for my tire to be repaired. Reminded me of me after a tough workout XD. Except for the whole curly hair and headphones thing XD.

 Deliciouuuuuuus~! Banana, chocolate, peanut butter ice cream made from frozen bananas, protein powder, almond milk, and peanut butter :D. Yum!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go up to my cousin AnnAlyse's wedding reception with my Grandma Gibbons. I got to see a lot of my mom's side of the family and it was great :)! AnnAlyse's husband's mom was Japanese so I got to speak a little bit with her and it was super fun! She was really nice, told me that my accent and pronunciation was spot-on :D. Made me feel great despite the fact that I didn't know quite what to say ^^;. After we'd socialized for a little while, my Grandma and I went to Paradise Bakery where I had 3 COOKIES!!! Horrible! But they were so delicious and worth it :). Plus it was my sister Emmalee's birthday yesterday, so I decided I wanted a sweet to celebrate :). Before we went into the restaurant, I snapped these few photos. It was so beautiful! I had to get more than one, so here's all three XD!

So, there's been a lot of good and bad things happening lately ^^;. I discovered that the chemicals that we use in my work have carcinogens in them (things that cause cancer), so I've been feeling stressed because I want to find other work so I can distance myself from this harmful stuff, but I'm not sure where to look. Plus, my boss has been acting strange lately. I don't know how to put it. He's been really grumpy and, to me, it feels like he's been trying to pressure me into being unhealthy when that's not something I'm willing to do. "Being unhealthy" in this case means that he's trying to get me to eat food that I refuse to put into my body unless I'm feeling like I really want to (a.k.a. donuts, bagels, processed foods). But, guess what :D! I'm not going to let him dictate what I eat or what I do. I am my own boss of my own life. He is just my supervisor when it comes to custodial things. Otherwise, he has no control over me :). Love the feeling of liberation!

I think I'm going to try to look for some work that has to do with Japanese, whether it's being a TA or doing tutoring of some kind...I really want to utilize the language and keep learning because I haven't used it for over a semester now and I feel like it's starting to leave me a little, and I want to prevent that at all costs!!!

Now, onto the good news :D! My music is coming along REALLY nicely :). I haven't been able to mix any more songs because my dad has been remodeling his kitchen, but the kitchen is getting really close to being done, so soon we'll be able to mix more stuff ^^!!! I'm thinking today we'll probably get another one done, wahoo!!! We have two finished so far, and I have about three more songs that are completely done that I could probably have him mix if I really wanted to, but I want to check with my good Japanese friend Chinatsu to make sure that the Japanese in one of them is grammatically correct first :). Very, VERY soon I'm going to start working on a music video for one of these songs with my awesome, life-long friend Christie Karr, and once the video is done and the songs are mixed, I'll be posting it up on YouTube and iTunes for the world to see and hear!!! I can't tell you how EXCITED I am about all of this!!! It's like my dreams of doing music and performing are coming true, even if it feels like it's in slow-motion :).

I'll be keeping you posted on the progress of things, even if it's only once a month!!! Love you all and appreciate your love and support :). Have an amazing summer break for those of you who are done with school!!! Good luck with finals for those of you who are just about to be done!!! And people who are in spring semester with me at BYU, good luck with the semester!!! It just started, but it'll be over quick ^^.

Best wishes!!!


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