Sunday, February 26, 2012

Been a while, hasn't it?

Hey everyone! Sorry for not having blogged for so long. I've honestly been really busy with school and work and trying to hold up the world of my life and finding it much heavier than I expected it to be.

Been struggling with somethings and happy with others. Crazy how life throws things at you and expects you to dodge it all while holding up this huge planet-size thing called "responsibilities." (Atlas much? XD). I'm just going to post up here the pictures that I've taken recently and explain them if I feel they need one :).

Just know that I'm doing all right and am up to my eyeballs in work! <3~!

 Yummy green shake!!!

 Me feeling pretty one day :D.

 My strange, randomly occurring, ongoing skin condition ^^;.

 First attempt at a home-made pizza with non-traditional ingredients hahaha!

 This is all of the stuff that came up off of the floor when I vacuumed the apartment D8. Can you say...disgusting and hairy? O_X.

 Went up Provo Canyon with Dan quite a while ago and this is what we saw at Bridal Veil falls. Beautimous!

 The sky looked really cool that morning :).

 Me feeling pretty a couple of Sundays ago :D.

 First attempt at spaghetti...with soba noodles hahaha! Super yummy though XD.

 Saw this tree at school and couldn't help but laugh!!! Looked like it was having a hard time standing up straight XD.

 My hair does cool stuff when I'm about to straighten it XD.

 My happy little tuna salad bentou :D.

 Surprisingly yummy tilapia, black bean, spinach, and teriyaki salad XD.

 Moon looked SUPER cool that morning!

 PROTEIN CAKE!!! Actually doesn't taste too bad :D <3~!

 Got a new case for my phone :D. This is what the old one looked like before D8...gross!

 Cleaned out and reorganized all of the cupboards :D.

 Banana dipped in protein powder :D. Sounds gross, but it was delish!

 Can you see the old man's face XD XD??

 Protein pancakes!!! This was officially not a good idea hahhaa. I stuffed myself SO full of these. They tasted really good though!

 Me and my sister playing with Cheetos Puffs XD.

 Second attempt at a sushi roll!!!

 Funny story behind this. I was eating the blueberry, spinach, protein powder shake I made--tasted delicious by the way--when someone came to the door. It was these two guys offering for me to come to this dance that they'd organized and I smiled and thanked them and they looked at me like they were shocked and I didn't know why until after they left and I smiled in the mirror and realized my teeth looked like THIS D8...horribly embarrassing, but hilarious I thought XDDD!

 Spaghetti and turkey meatballs :D!

And that's all I have for now picture-wise :D. I'll do my best to take more pictures soon!!! Much love and good wishes to all of you! Hope that you had a good weekend and that the week treats you well <3~!


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