Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Week Before Finals...D8

Good morning everyone! I hope that this week has gone well for you so far (even though finals are just around the corner O_O). This week has actually gone really well for me :)! The only downside to this week is that I didn't take half as many pictures as I usually do, so I plan on doing better this week so that my blog will still be somewhat visually interesting ^^;!

Now going to talk about my week!

This last Sunday was actually kind of a downer day unfortunately ^^;. I woke up just thinking way too much about everything going on and feeling nervous about the week because of finals preparation. Luckily I was able to spend some time with my mom and my little sister Isa during the afternoon :). We went for a coffee run at Starbucks (I got my usual--Light Caramel Frappucino with whipped cream and caramel topping. To DIE FOR D8!!!), and then just sat outside of my apartment and talked in my mom's car for a while :). It was so good just spending time with her and my little sis'.

It was great, while Isa was playing with her toys in the car, my mom pulled out this little Luke Skywalker toy and I started messing with it and put him in the most horrible-looking position!!

Oh, man...that just looks awful XD XD! My mom and I laughed about it for a good two minutes as I continually maimed the poor toy. It was so funny though! Cracked up so bad XD.

She soon left and I got my laundry and such ready and made my way over to my dad and Jewell's house :). My dad was putting up Christmas lights when I got there and so I helped him out a little, then helped him heft the Christmas tree into the living room :).

It looks kind of like this, but less filled out and more frosted :).

I love the Christmas tree that my parents have--it's predecorated--but at the same time, spending time with the family to put the decorations and the lights on is something that I actually super enjoy. I just have really great memories of when my mum, Em, and I would be doing Christmas decorating on the tree and stuff and how fun it would be :). We'd have all this Christmas music going in the background and just be putting ornaments on the tree and wrapping lights on the branches and stuff. Best memories. Love it :).

After doing that, I started up some laundry, made my dad and I a yummy protein shake, and then proceeded to go out to the studio to record some vocals for one of the songs that I'm working on. I didn't really like how the vocals turned out, so I might go back and re-record them tomorrow when I go see them :).

I ended up staying late because I was a little too loose with how I was doing my laundry, so it took longer than it should have ^^;. But I got home and got some good sleep.

Monday was a presentation day for my Japanese class, and my group's presentation was on Wednesday, and we were pretty much done preparing it, so I felt pretty good and prepared about it :). In physics we were talking a little bit about Unit 4 from what I can remember, talked about scheduling (when the final is, etc.), just basic stuff. I went home and worked on Japanese homework from what I can remember. Just finishing up some things to make sure the presentation was all ready to go :).

Tuesday, we had a review on our shaders for our class and I had a couple of things that I wanted to fix on it and planned on doing it after class. I also tried to go in to the Planetarium at BYU to do a physics assignment that I needed to finish, but they closed and locked the doors before I could get there, so I went to a different session on Wednesday :). I went and helped a person from my Japanese class with their part of our group project for a couple hours and was able to get a little bit more of the comic page done that I've been working on. Still not finished though because of the business of the week D8.

Before my character animation class started, I went and recorded the audio I needed to sync with my animation, and now it's all finished! But on Tuesday I was just doing mouth animations, trying to sync it up as best as I could. After that I came home, worked on Japanese some more, and then went to sleep :).

Wednesday morning came around and I presented with my Japanese classmates on the topic of "Japan's education system." Basically just what the school system is like in Japan, opinions on it, etc. We met before class to practice once before class started (thank goodness), and then were chosen as the first group to present. I brought a little paper with what I wanted to say on it (though I kind of wish that I'd improvised more like my classmate Austin Miner). It all turned out good though :). I feel like we did a good job of presenting the information we needed to. Then both of the other groups that were there presented what they'd researched, and then it was off to physics again!

We mostly just discussed scheduling and the teacher said a nice goodbye to us as students, asked us for feedback about the class and such. It was good :). She also gave us some chocolate! I grabbed a dark chocolate piece and was out the door.

After class I dashed over to the Planetarium again in hopes that the doors were still open. I was probably the fourth person to arrive out of maybe thirty people, which was good because that meant I could successfully get my assignment done :).

This is what it looked like while I was just sitting there. So beautiful and awesome! The dome above us was huge! I hadn't been to a planetarium in a while, so being there was really a cool experience :). We watched a film about the stars and the life and birth of stars, what kind of star the sun is, what kinds of stars exist, etc. It was fascinating! After the film was over, the TA that was teaching the class did a small presentation with a few slides and I found myself nearly passing out because the room was so dark and for me, dark room=sleep time ^^;.

Afterward I went home and exercised a little since I couldn't exercise earlier this week due to my Japanese group project filling up my spare time. Jewell called me in the middle of my workout and asked me about times that would be good for me to get my hair done next week (AAAAAH, so excited)!!! I'm hoping to get it dyed red again and getting it trimmed and maybe doing a little bit of a taper in the front just to change things up a little bit from my normal long, blunt-bang appearance. Not that I don't like that or anything, I'm just ready for a change! :D

Thursday approached and my shader was due! I went in early in hopes to fix a couple of things before Seth Holladay (my teacher) presented our work to the class, but unfortunately my shader exploded at the last minute, so I was forced to use an old rendition of my shader, which I was actually pretty upset about because I'd gotten it looking really nice, and then it decided to explode on me. Damn thing >:(. Oh well. Everyone said that it had come a long way and Seth said that I just had to fix a couple of things and it would be demo-reel worthy, which made me feel a little bit better about it ^^;.

After that class, I went home and ate some good food before rushing over to the testing center to take my last physics midterm. I got an 83%, hallelujah! Probably the best score I've gotten on any of my tests in that class so far this semester ^^;. I still have to take the final, which is taking place pretty much anytime next week. Not looking forward to that, but going to do my best on it anyway ^^;.

After taking my test I ran back home to meet up with my mom and drive up to Draper with her to pick up Isa. We had another little Starbucks treat on the way! I got a banana-chocolate smoothie. It had the most protein in it out of everything on their menu, so that's what I chose :). Definitely going to go with something coffee-related next time. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't half as good as their other items. I also had about half of my mom's pumpkin scone (so bad for me, but it tasted heavenly)! We talked about how she'd been visiting with friends from when she was in high school and how sweet all these people were to her and it was so awesome just listening to her. I love my mama~!

We made it up to my aunt Tammi's house, picked up Isa, talked a little bit, and then were back on the road! My mum took me back to my apartment and I was late for my character animation class, so I decided to just work on it at home :). I got everything set up and finished the animation within a couple hours!

If you're interested in seeing it, it's right here! Please ignore the absolutely cheesy dialogue recorded by yours truly ^^; ::

(Unfortunately the video wouldn't upload so I'll have to upload it later Dx. Sorry :(!)

I thought that it turned out pretty good! If you notice, when she says "ultimate challenge," her fingers kind of go outside of the spotlight I set up for her, which was upsetting, but I really didn't want to have to render out a whole other section of the animation (because it takes up quite a bit of time), so I just left it :). I'm pretty happy with the finished product though to be honest :)! So glad I got it finished a little early :D.

Yesterday, Friday, was technically a "reading day" so I didn't have to worry about going to class :). I did have to worry about going to work though, and am going to be required to go to work over Christmas break ^^;. It kinda sucks, but I really need the money right now. I'm not going to have any money for Christmas presents, so it's all going to end up being hand-made I think ^^;. We'll see what happens. Maybe I can buy Christmas candies for everyone or something. Maybe something a little healthier? Who knows ^^;. Wish me luck!

After working in the morning, I spent most of the afternoon relaxing at home, then I tried to do an ab work out, but I didn't last half as long as I normally would have because I killed my legs on Wednesday (unintentionally of course) and have been in pain whenever I flex any thigh-related muscle, so I didn't do as well as I'd wanted, but at least I did some exercise stuff ^^;.

After that I went on a walk with Dan in the park and we just talked. It was so nice just being with him :). We went back to his house and sat around for a while, kind of forced into watching a couple of his brother's children, and I started working on this little project I've been asked to work on. We had enough of the kids after probably an hour or so and went into his room and talked some more :). I felt bad for him, he's been having such a rough time sleeping and was incredibly tired when I was over there, but he stayed up until I left (around 7:00) and fell asleep after I came home and made myself some lettuce wraps :).

I ate the goodness and then started working on my project again while watching "My Neighbor Totoro," in Japanese.

It was so awesome! Now I see why so many people are fans of it :). Such a great film! I went to sleep around 10:00 and woke up at 6:00 this morning :D. Felt great to sleep in for a couple hours :).

For breakfast this morning, I made myself something similar to this::

This is actually an omelet that I made earlier this week that included deli turkey meat, eggs (obviously XD), cheese, mushrooms, and spinach. The one I made this morning had all the same ingredients except that I put ground turkey in (in exchange for the deli turkey) and it tasted kind of like sausage :). It was delicious!

And now here I am blogging! Hahaha. Speaking of recipes, here's one that I kind of took from Dan's mom::

She usually uses chicken, but I used tuna fish instead :). It's basically tuna salad lettuce wraps! I used a can of tuna, a tablespoon of light mayonnaise, half cup of grapes, and a piece of celery. Mix it all together, put it in a piece of lettuce, and you've got a super yummy, nutritious meal :D!

Another thing I made this week for my after-work meal was this banana cinnamon oatmeal :D. It might look gross, but I can assure you it tasted good :), especially with the stevia I put on top of the cinnamon oatmeal. That in itself was pretty dang delicious. The bananas just gave it extra yummy flavor :).

And now for the things that I was grateful for this week! ::

  • Sunday:: I was really grateful for my hair on Sunday as odd as that may seem ^^;. I just love how long and straight it is and I finally realized on Sunday that I can do so much with it styling-wise if I just put in a little time and research :D. Having long hair is the bomb. You can do so much with it! So I'm grateful for my hair and the weird things that I can do with it :).
  • Monday:: I was grateful for sweet things on Monday. This can include sweet things when it comes to food, or sweet things that people do for each other, etc. I love things that are sweet in every way, shape, or form :).
  • Tuesday:: On Tuesday morning my co-worker Lauren Gale was being super slow at getting ready, so I decided that I was grateful for responsible/timely people. It's always nice to have somebody responsible to work with because you know that you can rely on them, and if you're the same way, then they can rely on you. It's the whole two-way relationship thing. It's nice when both are responsible so that one doesn't have to do all the work :).
  • Wednesday:: I was feeling really grateful for the feeling of comfort. Whether it's a shoulder to cry on or the heat of a warm fire and hot chocolate when it's blistering cold outside--the feeling of comfort is something that I often take for granted :).
  • Thursday:: On Thursday I was feeling so pressed because I haven't had hardly any free time this week to do what I'd really like to, so I decided that free time is something that I'm super grateful for. I feel like I don't have enough of it ^^;, but hopefully that won't continue on forever.
  • Friday:: Yesterday I was feeling really grateful for peace because I was in such chaos being over at Dan's house and around his nephews. They're adorable, but I can only stand children for a few minutes before going bonkers ^^;. Also, it seemed like some other people had been experiencing some chaos and so I decided that peace is something that I should be grateful for.
  • Saturday:: I haven't thought up what it is that I'm grateful for this morning, so...let's see. I don't know if I've already used this in the past, but I'm extremely grateful for electricity. I've been thinking about this one a lot lately and it's become apparent to me just how much electricity I use every day and how much humanity uses it in general, yet we hardly give it any thought. So, I'm super grateful for the fact that we have electricity and are able to use it so well and are learning how to use it more efficiently :).

And there you have it!

There's kind of a weird topic that I want to touch on--another one of those things where I feel like if I talk about it at all it'll make me sound like I'm insane (which I am, a good way at least ^^; ), but I want to talk about it, so here I go!

I actually might have talked about this before in the past sometime. I'm not sure, but oh well. Anyway!

I will oftentimes have these feelings where I get this sudden burst of inspiration and feel like I belong in a place in society that's higher where I currently am. Meaning I'd be more successful, have less financial problems, and be well-known to the majority of the people in existence. I don't know what it is that causes these weird bursts of "I'm going to be famous someday!" but they happen fairly often. I haven't had one recently, but just a couple weeks ago I was having them all the time. It's such an amazing feeling, and I feel like it's connected to something greater.

Like, I'm actually supposed to feel these weird inspirations so that I'll work harder to reach that I'm-successful-and-well-known status. Meaning, I feel like I get these feelings for a reason. That might be total crock, but I think that it's for a reason and I'm going to stick to that belief, no matter what anyone else says. If you ever get feelings like these, I hope that you have a similar belief because everyone deserves to be successful and treated well by others!!

I feel like there was more that I wanted to say on that topic, but that's all that's coming out hahaha. There is my schpiel! (I have no idea how to spell that...shpeel?)

I'm looking forward to finals being over this week, and they'll be over before I know it! HALLELUJAH!

Unfortunately my mama is going back to California on Monday, but I plan on spending as much time with her over this weekend as I possibly can! Love her so much and miss her whenever she's not around. I'm really hoping to get to see her again soon~!

I just had a phrase pop into my head and it was cool for a second, but now I don't know if it makes sense. "When the world gets you down, turn the world upside down." In a good way of course D8. When the world gets you down, don't try to make the world worse. Basically just try to do the best with what you've got :)!

Gosh, I'm preachy today!

This next week is going to be a tough one for those of us that are in school! Everyone, please do your best! It'll pay off someday :). Love you all so much and hope that your weekend is relaxing and rejuvenating!