Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Good, Long week!

I'm blogging surprisingly late this morning :D, do forgive me XD. I stayed up late last night hanging out with my mama, who just got into town this last Tuesday! So good to see her! I'll explain more about that later, if I remember XD.

This last week was very long and somewhat trying, but it was overall a good week :).

Starting off with Saturday, after blogging I got ready for the day (as seen above) and went over to Dan's house to just be with him for the day (like we usually do Saturdays). I went over and we just sat and talked a little while he played Skyrim. He wasn't feeling very emotionally well that day and so we decided to split up early so I could go and do some homework for school. It was a little tough, but things were all right.

I actually ended up writing this amazing journal entry that day to try and brighten up my mood and it worked!! I basically wrote the journal entry from the perspective that I'd already put my music up on iTunes for sale and I'd already received a significant amount of money for the amount of sales and that I'd already gotten offers for people to help me do music videos and the like. It was an amazing feeling, just really imagining myself being in what could be my future shoes!

I put specific details into the entry too, like where I'd be shooting my first video, what the schedule was, who all was going to be with me to help me with it (like my amazing make-up-artist-photographer-friend Christie Karr), where we would be staying while shooting the video, the fact that a few days after releasing my music I was able to hire myself a manager to help me look for opportunities for tours and things like that.

This might make me look crazy, talking about things like this, but I believe that envisioning and planning out your future with the most detail you can possibly muster is a key to keeping yourself motivated and actually reaching goals. It also can get you so excited about the future because you can really see and feel what life would be like if you were already right there. At least that's what it does for me :).

After writing this incredibly inspirational entry, I decided I should go over to my parent's house and work on school stuff. I needed to take pictures of my dad's music studio so I could make an environment light map for my cymbal that I'm shading in my shader programming class. I got the pictures, did some laundry, talked to my parents a little, worked on my music a little, did a little bit of reading for my Japanese class (from what I remember), and drew a little of this comic page I've been working on :). I ended up spending the night over at their house because I still had some laundry to do and wanted to continue working on my music on Sunday :).

Sunday morning came around and I got my dad to go on a walk with me up Kiwanis. It was cold, but getting up and walking in the morning felt so nice~. We made it up to this little pond, and I saw some of the coolest stuff there!

There was a bunch of ice frozen around the part of the pond that runs down into this river. It was SO cool looking! Absolutely beautiful! If you can see in the upper picture, there was this huge bulb of ice on the end of this branch just kind of swinging around. I asked my dad how ice like that could possibly form (it looked like a bunch of bubbles!), and he said when the water splashes up on the branch or on the sides of the river, it must freeze because it's so cold.

Made total sense to me! I thought it was fascinating!!

On our way back down, my dad noticed some other ice on this tree, so I snapped another picture because it looked so cool XD.

Ice is so cool to me. Love it!

We came home and I made myself some lunch!

Oh-so-good peanut butter and dark honey toast (dark honey given to me by Dan. Home-made honey~!) with two poached eggs, a little salt, and some salsa :D. Delish!

Sunday turned out to be a very, very lazy day besides the time that I went and worked on my music :). I finished the synths for three songs! All that remains is recording vocals and doing some production stuff, which is always just AWESOME. Production is where all the cool stuff comes out, like reverb, choppy-editing stuff. Love it! Very, very excited to finally have some songs finished to actually show to all of you!

After working on music, I basically lazed around the house, drew a little, watched some TV shows with my step-mom Jewell about melting glaciers and stuff about telescopes. It was really interesting :). During all this, Jewell made this amazingly good food!

It was chicken, whole grain pasta, alfredo sauce, oregano, romano (?) cheese, and probably a couple of other things in the pasta-looking dish, and then some cornbread on the side :D. I was hoping for something that was a little more protein and veggie based, but this tasted amazing~! Shouldn't have had the cornbread, but cornbread is extremely difficult for me to resist ^^;. Especially if it's just sitting there and you can smell it and everything. D8

Anywho, later on that day I went back to the apartment and got ready for the school week!

This was my breakfast on Monday morning--super protein packed! And awesomely delicious :). I was also running a little low on ingredients (basically all I have right now is dry cereal, potatoes, nuts, a little fruit, pasta, frozen meats, and oatmeal ^^;. May seem like a lot, but I generally have a much wider variety to choose from ^^;.), but it was delicious anyway :).

I had Japanese and physics that day. Everything went well :). Afterward, I went home, did my homework, and also tried to get that environment map done for my cymbal. During this, I had another flare-up of this rash that I've been getting. I got a really bad version of it on Thanksgiving, and still am not quite sure what the cause would be. On Thanksgiving, I assumed it was a food allergy because my face swelled up a little, but now I'm not so sure.

The top two pictures are from a couple months ago when it started showing up, and the bottom image is from Monday when it popped up again. I sent the picture to Jewell to see what she thought of it, and she thought that I might be overdosing on niacin. The only thing about that is I'm not taking any niacin supplements, and I read online the other day that you can't overdose on niacin if you're just eating niacin-rich foods (which is actually the majority of what I eat ^^;). So I'm still not quite sure what the cause is. Maybe it is a food allergy, I'm not sure ^^;. Either way, I'm going to continue to keep an eye on it.

Tuesday came around and I worked on my cymbal after doing my cleaning job. I had to eat some good food first though to keep me energized!

So you're probably looking at this thinking "Ali...are you eating trees now? What is wrong with you!!" I can assure you that this was a yummy meal. It's actually become one of my favorites. It's basically a chopped up apple, oatmeal, and chopped up almond pieces with a little bit of stevia to keep it all sweet :). So good!

I went to my shader programming class and worked on my cymbal after eating and this is about as far as I got :). May look the same as it has the past couple times I've posted photos of it up here, but I made some changes to the color (made it more orange), and tried to fix the lighting a little bit. I also constructed a microphone so that I could cast a shadow on the top of the cymbal like there is in the original photo :). I also got the UV map (difficult to explain) and exported it so that I could paint a letter "K" on the cymbal like my dad's actually has :).

I went home, painted the K, then went in and worked on my animation for my character animation class from 4-6. Still need to get the audio recorded for that DX! Will have to do that soon ^^;.

Also, on Tuesday I'm pretty sure I made myself some yummy lettuce wraps for the first time!

I kind of made my own recipe, but it still tasted absolutely fantastic! Super healthy too :). I used frozen ground turkey, green peppers, carrots, two tbs. of soy sauce and one tbs. of this sauce often used in Japan called mirin. Mirin isn't very good for you (it has corn syrup/sugary stuff in it), so the less you can use the better! It was super yummy though :).

On Tuesday I also had the joy of going on this website called JibJab (an eCards company that makes hilarious holiday stuff) and goofed around there for a while. I was able to get these two videos::

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!
I just have to say that the fact that Dan had a white milk mustache and has a white wig in this video was TOO perfect~! I thought that this first one was super hilarious, and then I found ANOTHER one that had to do with flatulence!

I watched this and I couldn't help but die laughing. You can actually hear me laughing in certain parts and near the end when Santa decides to rip one XD.

Oh, gosh, I love flatulence!! It's made me laugh so many times, I can't even count ^^;.

Tuesday night I also got a video of how my animation is looking so far :). If you're interested, please take a look :D!

Obviously the ending is where I'm still working, but I'm pretty satisfied with the beginning of the animation :). Let me know what you think ^^! And be honest, please. Constructive criticism is something that I need to get better at accepting, and there's no better way to work with it than to have people critique your work :)!

Wednesday wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Did Japanese and physics, went home and did homework, etc. Made some good food though :).

I think I actually made this Tuesday night ^^;. Can't remember! Shrimp, carrot, onion, oregano, garlic powder, and lemon :).

The soup I had was actually made by Jewell :). She just gave me some leftovers of it, and it was delicious!

I think this was my breakfast on Wednesday morning :). Oatmeal, apples, and a little bit of maple syrup :D. SO stinkin' good!

Saw these super vibrant bushes and couldn't help but take a picture :). Super loved their orange-pink color! Please ignore the other, more lifeless looking plants 8/.

This might look disgusting to you too, who knows ^^;. Either way, I do eat some kind of weird stuff on occasion ^^;. This was a tuna salad I made for myself some day, I can't even remember what day! Think it was Thursday night or something after I went and visited Dan. It was so good to see him even if it was only for a little while :). <3

Speaking of Thursday...! We voted on who should be our director and producer for our student film "Chasm," and Megan (I can't remember her last name DX!) was chosen for our director, and Keith L. Beavers was chosen as our producer! I feel like we made a great choice as the class of 2013 :). Super excited to get started on the film!

I'm kind of doing Thursday backwards, but oh well hahaha. This is what my cymbal looked like as of Thursday!

I'm pretty sure this is going to be what the final product looks like. I wish there was something I could do to fix the lighting, but I've tried a bunch of things and haven't quite been able to get it looking right, so I finally stopped when it looked like this so I didn't mess up things any more than I might have already ^^;.

Let me know what you think about this too :D!

Friday was a good day :). I dressed up almost like a goth hahaha! It was a blast :D.

I thought my face looked dark in the second picture, so I took another one where my face was brighter :D. I really liked the look! The earrings constantly got stuck in my hair, but it was okay :). I eventually just took them out hahaha ^^;. I wore lip-stuff for the first time in a long time! So fun :). It was a little dark and not as vibrant as my red lipsticks, so I figured it would be fun to wear because it wasn't super dramatic, but it still made my lips a little darker :D.

Friday night, I was able to go up and see my mama who is staying at my aunt's house at the moment :). It was amazing to see her and my little sister Isa, even if things were a little crazy for a while :). My mom made me this amazing food that I failed to take a picture of ( :( ), but it consisted of organic basmati rice, boiled kale and peas, cooked black beans, and this awesome curry sauce she made from tahini, a little mayo, curry powder, and Spike :). Super yummy and good for you :D! Maybe a little high in sodium, but delish!

We had such a good conversation that night just about how our lives are going and the like. I love being around my mom. She's such a spiritual inspiration for me! We also talked about diet-related things (calorie counting, making sure you're eating enough protein during the day, what kinds of vegetables have protein, etc.). It was so awesome :).

And this is where I'll start talking about my work-out regimen like I said I would last week :D! Fits in perfectly XD.

So! I work out 3-4 times a week depending on how I'm feeling and how busy I am. The least I ever work out is 3 times a week, just because exercise is really important to me. It really helps me regulate the stress of school, gives me a way to escape everything, including the creative side of myself because exercise is...kind of formulaic to me I guess 8(, if that makes any sense ^^;.

Here's my work out schedule as of late::

  • Monday:: Leg workouts that include quads, hamstrings, butt, calves, and inner/outer thighs. On Mondays I typically go to the BYU gymn because they have a lot of leg machines and I typically like to use machines when it comes to exercising my legs.
  • Tuesday:: Rest day.
  • Wednesday:: Core (torso) exercises that include upper abs, lower abs, obliques, latissimus dorsi, lower back (erector spinae), and sometimes trapezius. If you don't know where the muscles I'm talking about are located, just look them up online and you'll find them :D. I do two different ab exercises so I can target the upper and lower parts of the abs. I typically like to go to BYU for this day as well, but have recently just been going to my apartment gymn because it's closer, more convenient, and has almost all of the equipment I need for each of the exercises I do.
  • Thursday:: Rest day.
  • Friday:: Arm exercises that include all 3 parts of the deltoid (shoulder), biceps, triceps, forearms (top and underneath), chest, and trapezius. I use dumbells when it comes to these exercises because I feel like it really targets whichever muscle I'm trying to exercise.
  • Saturday:: Sometimes I'll do cardio on Saturdays, or I'll do an arm workout on Saturday that I didn't get to do on Friday (which is my situation today :) ).
  • Sunday:: Rest day/walking day.
There you have it! That is my workout schedule. If you want to know about specific exercises for the different workouts that I do, let me know and I'll tell you :D!

I don't want to leave you without my "grateful list" that I've been doing every week, so here we go!

  • Sunday:: I don't know if I thought anything up for Sunday, but I think it was nature that I was grateful for. Being able to go on that walk in the morning was awesome. Although nature isn't as beautiful in the winter as it is during the spring or fall (I think summer is kinda ugly personally), it's still so calming and relaxing to be in :).
  • Monday:: I was having a rough day on Monday, so I decided I was grateful for humor and humorous things because they can really help me through a rough time when I'm struggling :). Laughter can often times be the best medicine :)!
  • Tuesday:: I actually don't remember if I came up for anything for this day, so I'll just say that I was grateful for silence (because one of the nights this week my roommates were so stinking loud and it made it impossible for me to sleep. Plus I was on fire, just sleeping too warm). Silence helps me sleep really well and silence can be important for focusing and the like :). It's nice to have things quite every once and a while :).
  • Wednesday:: I was feeling really grateful for the ability to rest. Imagine what it would be like if we were worked literally to death--never allowed to just relax and take a moment to ourselves. Rest is so important and I'm super grateful for it :)!
  • Thursday:: I don't know if I came up for anything for Thursday, so I'll say I was grateful for the understanding of others. Sometimes you can say something that you want to to help somebody, but it might unintentionally hurt that person. But if they're understanding it really makes the whole situation so much easier because there's no negative reactions happening :). Having understanding people in the world is key I think ^^;.
  • Friday:: I don't think I specifically came up with anything for this day either, so I'll say that I'm grateful for spirituality. Spirituality is something that I often take for granted. I don't exercise a lot of interest in spirituality seeing as it's been kind of the big black abyss of doom on my life, but after talking to my mom about spiritual things and seeing spiritual power at work, spirituality is something that I'm very grateful for :).
  • Saturday:: Let's see...I don't think I've thought up anything specific for today either, so I'll come up with something :). I'm really grateful for beauty, whether it's in people's personalities or the people themselves, or something beautiful in nature, or just something you can describe as beautiful, like a feeling. I love beauty and I'm extremely grateful to see so many beautiful things in my life and be involved with such beautiful people :).

There you have it :).

Unfortunately I don't have a comic page that's done this week, sorry about that Dx! I'm working on the first page of Zander x Rae's story, which I have yet to name ^^;, but I want to do it in as realistic of a style as I can possibly stand, so it's going to take longer for me to produce. Also, with the school semester coming to a close and finals very quickly approaching, I've been and am going to be very busy. I'm looking forward for all of that to be over though so I can do whatever creatively during the Christmas season :D!

I love you all so much and hope that you enjoyed reading my blog this morning!! Let me know if you want more info on workouts, recipes, portion sizes, how many calories I eat, blah, blah, blah! Or if you want me to post about different stuff, let me know :D! I'm totally open if you have any suggestions :).

I hope that this week treats you all kindly <3~!