Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nostalgia--Starting Up An Old Routine

Surprise, surprise!!! I actually slept in until 8:00 a.m. today!!! Probably because I was out until 11:00 p.m. doing some grocery shopping, but hey! That's the latest I've slept in for a while! :D

This week was really strange, but in a good way :).

As you might know, my parents were visiting my aunt up in Portland, Oregon and so I was left to take care of the house.

Being at the house alone was insanely nostalgic! I remembered the most random memories while I was staying there. There are just so many good memories tied to that house for me :). I remembered watching Naruto all day during the summer and the times where I'd just sit in my cubby hole (what I called my "office") and draw until 3:00 a.m. in the morning. Sleeping in my old bed was pretty weird the first night too. I woke up and was like O_O. Deja vu?! So bizarre how you can get so connected to a place by living there for so long ^^;. All in all, it was amazing to stay up there and just feel all of that nostalgia, which actually created some inspirational drive for me to start drawing an old comic that I abandoned some time last year, namely, the Kingdom Hearts Role Play comic that I drew according to a story that my friends Tia Breck and Jacquilyn Anderson wrote. Page 84 is almost done! I'm going to try to commit myself to one page a week, but with school and everything else that's happening in my life, it's not a guarantee ^^;, but I'm going to do my best to do it because drawing is something that I haven't been able to do for a while and it's something that I miss a lot. Being up at the house made me realize that, as weird as that may sound ^^;.

Anywho! That's the biggest news I think :). Now for a quick overview about this last week>>

This was me on Saturday morning after having blogged and the like :). The ironic thing is that I'm wearing basically what I wore the Saturday before this D8!! Time for me to switch up my clothes a little! I planned on hanging out with Dan that day, but he couldn't for a while because of a family chore he helped with, so for the majority of Saturday morning I sat around and tried to study for my Physics test.

We were able to get together later on in the day for a little bit (and make some delicious Sukiyaki that I failed to take a picture of :(!) before he went and slept over at his friend Zach's. I used runnyrunny999's sukiyaki recipe, as is shown below>>

I didn't have any tofu, shungiku, shimeji mushrooms, or sake, but I bought some non-alcoholic mirin, shirataki, shiitake, enokidake, and sliced beef (not as thinly as I would have liked, but it was still good) and had soy sauce. It was absolutely delicious! Probably absolutely horrible for you--besides the veggies--but tasted so good.

Sunday was the day that I felt the most nostalgia come to think of it :). It was also one of the most lonely days I've had in quite a while, but I was able to survive it. I studied a lot for my physics test and was able to get some musical juices flowing later in the afternoon. It was super nice being able to just go out and work on it! The song I'm working on right now is turning out so well so far. I'm mainly trying to figure out the drums for this one part where the song kind of slows down and am not quite sure what kind of sound I want to go for yet, but hopefully tomorrow (Sunday) when I go up to visit I'll be able to figure things out and continue progressing with it :)!

Monday hastily rolled around and I went to work and school. I took my physics test and wasn't very pleased with my score, but after the test was over I called Dan and just talked to him about it and we had a really awesome conversation. He really helped lift my spirits since I was bummed about the score. So grateful for him and all the other awesome people in my life!

Monday night, I made myself this lovely dish! It consisted of tomatoes, onions, carrots, and chicken. I'm pretty sure I used some poultry seasoning or something on it, just to add a little flavor. Luckily I didn't go overboard on it this time D8. The carrots made it taste a little sweet. It was very yummy :). If you look closely in the first picture, you can see my blurry Japanese homework in the background XD.

Before going to my Shader Programming class on Tuesday, I decided it would be best for me to take some reference images of the cymbal that I've been trying to shade.

This is the official cymbal :D. I'm not going to try to make the top of it less shiny as you can see in the third picture, but I really wanted to try and get the scratches in the divots all looking right, but it's proving to be more difficult than I'd previously concocted.

I went to my class and got frustrated with the shader and felt like all hope was lost, so I decided to fix it on Thursday and call it good. Tuesday was a bit of a rough day, but it was all right. I also went to my character animation class, where we reviewed our progress on our "special interest" projects. Mine is going to be another animation of my character. It's almost done and is due on Monday night :)! Tuesday night was also when my parents came home from Oregon. I slept over at the house that night and woke up to gifts on the counter for me in the morning :).

Apparently my folks bought me a couple of souvenirs from Portland :). The ring is so gorgeous! And the shirt is awesome, but it's big on me so I plan on using it for a pajama shirt I think :). It totally made my morning--plus a little note Jewell left on top of it for me to read when I woke up. Basically just said, here are some souvenirs to say thank you. I wrote her a little note back before I packed up and headed out to work :).

Wednesday was a good day from what I recall. I had my Japanese class and physics as always, and they went well. I got all of my Japanese homework done for Friday--it was super easy, which was nice for a change because we'd had some pretty difficult articles to read during the beginning of the week! It was home work based on how to read 天気予報(weather reports) andテレビ番組の読み方(how to read television broadcast...things...) XD! I went to the physics lab and got all of my homework done for that class, and on my way home, I saw these amazing clouds and just had to take a picture!

I thought it was gorgeous :). In the very bottom picture, you can see some pretty weird looking clouds. It was one of the strangest cloud formations I've seen anyway. Still so cool though ^^!

I think I also made this delicious fishy meal on Wednesday :D. Tilapia, onion, green pepper, a little garlic salt, and a tad of butter :). YUM.

One of the days during the week, I also took out some time to read this amazing comic that I've grown fond of called "Phoenix Requiem," written by Sarah Ellerton.

You can read it by clicking here>>

I highly recommend it if you're a fervent comic reader :D. I'm about halfway through it and it's really good at keeping me interested :).

Thursday was an interesting day to say the least ^^;. I went to work and school and was luckily able to fix my cymbal shader!

This was my cymbal as of Thursday night I believe :). I really, really like the way that the dents in it look. They're still too uniform of course. I want to add a little swirl to them, but am not quite sure how to do that. My teacher tried to help me figure out a way, but it didn't turn out looking very good ^^;.

I did some good animating in my character animation class that night and built a table and a vial for the character in my scene to use :). I've never animated the use of props before, so we'll see how well it turns out D8.

Nighttime was when things got really interesting--guess I could say nightmarish, but...well, I'll let the picture I took kind of explain things a little before I get started XD.

So, when I got home from school, our kitchen sink was about half-full of water and I thought maybe it was just a temporary plug or something and that it would go down on it's own (because I'd seen the sink at my parent's house fill up a little before and then go down while the dishwasher was running), so I didn't think much of it and went about making myself some good eats. As I was preparing my food, I noticed that the water level in the sink was slowly starting to rise, but decided I would still wait a little longer before I called maintenance to come down and help with it--just in case it did decide to go down.

Before I knew it, the water had reached the brim of the sink. I reached over to try and run the disposal to see if it would get the water to come down, but the water just bulged and started bubbling up and out of the sink, onto the counter, and down onto the floor.

Doing my best not to panic, I grabbed my phone and called the Branbury maintenance hotline, told them about the situation and they said they would have someone come down right away. I grabbed my shower towels (I had no idea what else to use in my somewhat panic-state of mind) and tried to barricade the water that was falling just around the sink, but it ended up getting over most of the floor. The maintenance guy came in and he tried to unplug the drains with two plungers (as you can see in the photo), but that didn't work. He did something underneath the sink and at least got the water to stop flowing out, but the sink was still full. I helped him plunge the sink a couple more times just to make sure it wasn't a small plug, but it was no good. He left for a while and came back with a vacuum, a bucket, and one of those snake-things that they use to unplug piping and such. I'd just finished cooking, but decided it would be best to try to help him solve the sink problem before trying to enjoy any food. I asked him if there was anything that I could do to help him out, and he said that there wasn't much and he wouldn't recommend it anyway considering that snaking the sink can get pretty gross. I insisted that he let me know if there was anything I could do to help him and he told me he would let me know if there was anything I could do.

Only a few minutes later, he told me that he was surprised I'd offered any help at all and explained that most Branbury residents just kind of sat back and watched--none of them had ever really offered any help to him before. This kind of shocked me to be honest. I explained to him that I consider the apartment to be my home and I kind of own it--so I want to help take care of it and things concerning it. This mindset apparently shocked him. He told me it was really cool that I thought things like that and it made me really happy :).

In the midst of all of this, I'd finished cooking my meal.

It was chicken, onions, potatoes, turmeric, and curry powder. Delish!

Later on when I offered to help again, he said, "I still can't believe that you care," and I just kind of chuckled to myself.

This really made me think. It made me kind of sad because it made me wonder if humanity as a whole isn't all as great as I hope and think it is. This also made me happy in a way, because I realized that I'm one of those people who really, genuinely care about people and things. Dan often tells me that I care too much, and I agree with that hahaha, but I'd rather care more than be careless about everything :).

I stayed up until 10:00 p.m. that night which is a little late for me (I try to make bedtime 8:00 p.m. because of work), but I was able to get to sleep and wake up Friday (yesterday) morning to a somewhat clean kitchen with the sink empty :).

I went to work, and on my way back into the main Crabtree Building from the Central Heating Plant, I saw this amazing sunrise and had to snap a couple of pictures :).

Both of these pictures kind of blow out the highlights where the sunlight was hitting the clouds, but I think it kind of shows just how beautiful this sunrise was :).

After work was over, I had my Japanese and physics classes as always and they both went well :). We're talking about the Earth and its composition and such in my physics class and I'm loving it because I used to be so interested in learning about planets and such back in junior high--also the time I was obsessed with aliens and all that jazz XD.

On my way home from class, I saw a couple of really beautiful bushes and trees and couldn't resist taking more photos!

This was a bunch of bushes right outside of the Harrison Fine Arts Center, and I loved the colors!

These are the bushes and trees right outside of the art museum at BYU. I just couldn't resist the red XD!! So, so beautiful!

When I got home from school, my roommates Mack and Natalie were both just kind of hanging out in the living room. Mack was playing Beyond Good and Evil for Gamecube and Natalie was trying to study for her physiology test she had today. I hadn't really been social with them or socially connected with them at all since the beginning of the semester, so I decided to hang out with them :). It was such a blast--they really are great roommates (despite the fact they can be a little noisy at night. They haven't been bad at all lately though :)).

I continued drawing page 84 of the KHRP (Kingdom Hearts Role Play), and they both wanted to look at it. Apparently they were both really impressed with my art skills ^^;. Mack had seen most of my art stuff before, so it wasn't really new to her, but it was to Natalie :). I showed her the rest of the KHRP that I'd drawn and it seemed like she really enjoyed looking at it :)!! She asked me about the story and the characters and seemed really interested, which just made me happier and happier :).

For a while I went and exercised and came back to just hang out some more. It was so awesome.

This was my dinner last night :). Tilapia cooked in onions, tomatoes, green peppers, oregano, and rosemary :D. Holy COW, I can't explain how yummy it was :)! Love me my fish!

Another eventful thing that happened yesterday was the fact that it started snowing :D!!! Dan called me and came over for just a few minutes #1 to show me his new coat and jeans (which were freaking awesome), and #2 to give me a kiss in the snow ;D. Oh, how hopelessly romantic we are XD. It was awesome just seeing him and being with him :).

I plan on spending some more time with him today after I go to this animation meeting we're having at noon.... I'm honestly not really looking forward to it just because I feel like it's going to be a big argumentative meeting about how everyone thinks the film should go. I understand that we need to know what direction we're going to go in before we make the film so we don't stumble through it, but I think we should just leave that to whoever is appointed as the director, offer our opinions to them, and if they don't like it, they don't have to conform to it. That's just my opinion though.

We'll just have to see how it goes!

Random, but I've been feeling really happy because I feel like I'm finally strong enough to voice my own opinions. I don't do it very often because sometimes I don't feel like it's necessary, but I'm just happy that I'm not as indecisive as I used to be in the past :).

And, just to close things up for this week, here's the things I was grateful for :) :

  • Sunday:: I honestly can't really remember what it was that I was grateful for, but I know I thought up something. It might have been good food come to think of it ^^;.
  • Monday:: I was really grateful for positive human interaction and friendship, and also just the goodness of the human heart/kindness in general.
  • Tuesday:: Music was what I was grateful for this day because it gets me through work every morning and I absolutely love making it and just listening and feeling it. It's so powerful! It really helps inspire me to do the things that I love too :).
  • Wednesday:: By this time, Dan decided he also wanted to start thinking about things he was grateful for in the morning because since I started doing it, he noticed that I'd been less tense in general. So! He decided he was grateful for the freedom that all Americans are able to experience, and I was grateful for my family. Even though they can drive me up a wall and over the edge, I couldn't appreciate their love or support more.
  • Thursday:: I was particularly grateful for clothes this morning, not just because they cover and protect you from weather and such, but because you can also express yourself through your clothing :). I was probably thankful for this because I looked at a fashion website the day before and it was awesome to see what kinds of ways people use clothes to express themselves.
  • Friday:: I was so grateful for helping hands this particular morning, whether it's someone helping me at work, a family member helping me, or like the maintenance guy helping me, I was just grateful for people being willing to help :).
  • Saturday (today):: I had to give it a little thought, but I'm super, super grateful for technology. If it weren't for technology, I wouldn't be able to talk to the ones I love nearly as often as I do, I wouldn't be able to do animation as easily, or music for that matter, and there would be no computers or video games, which are things that I don't know if I could live without XD. Super thankful for advances in technology and all the work that's put toward it :).

Just as a closing image, this was my amazing breakfast :D. The reason that the eggs look so strange is because I put a little bit of soy sauce in them, but didn't want to break the yolks! Hence, the yolks are all white and the rest of it is a weird...brownish hahaha. It tasted really good though ^^!

I hope that all of your weeks have gone well and that you get some good rest this weekend! Thanksgiving is next week and I'm so, so excited for all of the wonderful food and for just the feeling of Thanksgiving.

Let's all do our best to not forget the real meaning behind Thanksgiving!!

Love you all so much~!