Sunday, October 23, 2011

Been forever since I've posted anything...again XD.

Hello everyone! Seriously, long time no post. The reason being?!


Started at the end of August and it's been going busily and more busily ever since then, but life has still been mostly enjoyable despite the fact that my workout time has been cut in half and the majority of my free time is now spent hurriedly doing homework!

But, like I said. Survivable :).

Here is my classload for this semester::

Japanese 321 (I've been really loving this class. My teacher is amazing and I've been learning a ton ever since we started)

Physics 100 (I haven't taken any science classes since high school, so this class has been kicking my butt a little bit, but what I learn is so fascinating!)
Shader Programming 354 (This is one of my animation classes based on making shaders with a certain program called Slim and also making them by using code. It's been very different. Not really enjoying the whole code side of things, but it's tolerable ^^)

Character Animation 350 (This class has been SO much work, but I've been learning a lot!!)

My character animation and Japanese class are the two most time consuming I think. Sometimes hard to tell which one takes up the most time because they all do XD.

I also have a new job! I dunno if I announced that on here quite yet, but there ya go! I'm an early morning custodian working in the Crabtree Mechanical Engineering building on campus. It's a really good job, despite the fact that I have to wake up at the butt-crack-of-dawn every morning ^^;.

4 a.m.

Every DAY.

Besides the weekends of course, when I go to sleep around 10 at night, wake up at 6 in the morning and end up regretting doing so on Monday when I'm forced to wake up at 4 again.

But hey, it's money, and I'm incredibly grateful that I have a stable source of income :).

Onto the next subject of discussion!

Within the last summer months and slightly beforehand, I started really becoming aware of what I eat, meaning that as of late, I've become a big fan of eating foods that are the most nutritionally beneficial to my health. Considering I don't have much time to exercise anymore, eating good food has become just that much more essential.

Of course, this recent positive change in my life has resulted in my roommates thinking I'm bizarre by eating so well and cooking all the time, but I think the time and effort put towards good health is time that's well spent.

Because, think about it. You only have one body and one life. You may as well do the best that you can to eat things that are going to help it grow in the best way it can!

This doesn't mean I've given up sweets. Oh, no D8.

I could never live without some good sugar every once and a while.

"Everything in moderation, even moderation," right :)?

So! I suffice my sweet tooth with fruits for the most part and will give in to the goodies every once and a while if I find I have an unmanageable hankering for something sweet.

I also have "treat" days, which most often happen on Saturdays and Sundays. If I eat well all week, I get to have a treat, which can be anything from pizza to coffee to some good pumpkin pie (which I plan on devouring in large quantities during Thanksgiving XD).

Anyway, I will be posting pictures of foods that I eat and things that are going on in life soon!

I happen to be at my boyfriend's house right now, where I usually am on Saturdays and Sundays when I can finally take a deep breath and try to relax before another insane week of school starts up again :).

Just a couple more things I'd like to discuss before I leave you for another week! (I hope to start posting weekly, but we'll see how well that goes XD)

I'm still working on music, just so you all know. I have a name for my own music and almost have two songs completed, and I have several more ideas that could become songs very soon!

I've been working on my music on the weekends (Sundays) from around 4-8 when I go to my parent's house after spending the morning with my loverly, Dan. I've gotten help from both my dad and my mom on my music and it's been an amazing experience seeing the quality of music that I can produce with the things I have around me!

Having musical parents is the bomb XD.

So! Still working on it, it's just been a slow-as-tar operation considering school has taken over my life ^^;. I plan on really spending some quality time during Thanksgiving break and hopefully Christmas working on the music so I can finally give it to the world and see how they like it :).

There's only one last thing I can think of right now that I particularly want to discuss.

It's actually another blog!

A Japanese blog, to be precise :D. For my Japanese 321 class, we're expected to read around 100 minutes of pure Japanese goodness (whether it's news articles, manga, long as it's in Japanese), and I happened to find this amazing blog!

Here is the link::

This girl is absolutely amazing. She blogs nearly every day about things mostly relating to girls (ex. make-up, skin care, dieting, foods she eats at home and while she's out and about, fashion, etc), and even though she uses a lot of words I don't understand, it's an incredibly fun read. Thanks to rikai-kun (a plug-in you can get for Google Chrome, it's rikai-chan if you're using Firefox), I can read and understand everything that she's saying.

It basically becomes 勉強!(studying!)

The fact that it's in Japanese and about Japanese things just makes it all the better and more enjoyable. If you happen to know Japanese, I highly recommend reading it! お進めです!

I've actually considered doing my entire blog in Japanese, just so I can reach out to people like her. Weird, I know. But she's awesome! XD.

Anyway, that's been my life as of late :). I hope that all of you are enjoying the fall season, as it is filled with the awesome spookiness of Halloween (got to go to Nightmare on 13th and it was awesome!), and the yumminess of good foods (PUMPKIN...oh, pumpkin. I love you, pumpki~n!!!).

Have an amazing week everyone! I'll post more next week :) time I'll include PICTURES too <3~!!!