Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas, One and All~!

Hello everybody!! Merry (day-late) Christmas to all of you!!

I decided that I wasn't going to do a blog entry last Saturday because it was Christmas Eve and I was busy hanging out with family.

Anywho! Here's what my last week has been like :).

To be honest, the last week has kind of been blurred together because I only had work to worry about, but I'll do my best to piece together the different things that happened with the right days/dates :).

Last Monday, I pretty much just worked in the morning and then worked out in the afternoon before going and hanging out with Dan for a little while. I can't quite remember what we did. I think that was the day that we just hung out and he played Skyrim and/or Assassin's Creed: Revelations while I drew or something :). I came up with this pretty picture!

I think she's so pretty :D!!! I think that the proportions of her face are off, but I really love the way it looks anyway hahaha. It also looks better in person.

Tuesday, I went to spend some time with my amazingly good friend Christie Karr! We spent the majority of our time together playing Batman: Arkham City and Fable 3. She also made me some amazingly good food that I failed to get a picture of ^^;. It was butternut squash ravioli with this creamy onion, carrot sauce on top :D. So good! Her mama also made some really good chicken soup with a piece of toast and that was also delectable :)! She gave me a couple of Christmas gifts and asked me to open one of them while I was there with her, so I opened it and it was this thing called a "Munny" made by a company called kidrobot. It's this little vinyl doll that's plain white that you can draw on and paint on to create whatever kind of look you want with it. I have a few designs that I've found online that I really like! I'll post them here so you can see them :).

I thought that the design of this one was super cute! Just because it's almost musical and the gradient-ness of it appeals to me :). The eyes just add to the cuteness XD. On the back there's little wings and a heart with more of the musical pattern :D.

I thought this was just plain cool :). I'm not going to add anything onto my munny like they've done here with the trees and such, but I thought this was super creative! The design on the face is just sweet too :D.

I really like the attitude of this one and the colors on it :). The people who do this one also obviously did a little extra work with the hat and such, but I think (again) it's the gradient-look that appeals to me on this one :D.

I love the amount of detail that was put into this one :). And the fact that it has bigger pieces to it among the teeny details :D.

I thought this one was just fantastic XD. Not because there's a big one and a small one, but because of the design of the big one :D. I absolutely LOVE swirly patterns, even if there's just one, and the colors of this are just awesome too XD. Super awesome design in my opinion! Simple and awesome XD XD.

So, generally the munnies that have faces on them don't appeal to me as much as the ones that just have random designs or more simplified faces that fit them better, but I actually thought this one was pretty well done :). 

Again, gotta love the swirly XD. So awesome! And the eyes make it super cute <3~! The colors are pretty awesome too come to think of it :D.

Thought this one was pretty cool, just because it had like a step-by-step thing along with the final product, which turned out looking pretty nifty in my opinion :D. 

Really love the thick lines of this one :D. Some of the design actually reminds me of henna designs that I've seen before. Pretty shweet!

Again, love the eyes and the colors are really nifty :). 

And as a final picture....

I thought that this was just hilarious!!! I was looking for other munny design ideas online and found this and couldn't help but to crack up XD. Thought I'd share it with you just in case you like flatulence jokes as much as I do XD.

Anyway! It was really great seeing Christie and spending time with her. She also gave me a book about Japanese cuisine that I'm really excited to take a closer look at :D. So cool to know about how traditional Japanese food is made!!! And so grateful to her for her gifts :)!!! Amazingly thoughtful :). We also watched the new Batman Dark Knight Rising movie trailer and a trailer for a movie called "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." She mainly showed me the second trailer so I could hear some music on it. It was crazy awesome intense music! I heard mixed reviews about the actual movie though ^^;.

Here's the Batman trailer if you're interested in watching it :D.

Super excited for it :D.

I also saw the Hobbit trailer and am very excited for that as well! Here's the trailer for it :).

There's so many good movies coming out soon, it's really awesome just imagining what they're going to be like! Hopefully both of them will live up to the awesomeness of the movies that came out before them :D.

On Wednesday, Dan and I got together and we were just going to hang out and ended up deciding to go out to eat for his birthday dinner at Bombay House because I was planning on spending most of my day with my older sister Emmallee and her husband Ty and their daughter Laylee on Thursday night. We couldn't have dinner on Friday night because his family had planned to make/have dinner for/with him, so we went out and had some super delicious food! I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala and ate all of it, which is something that I generally have a hard time with when it comes to eating out because the portions are generally quite large ^^;, but it was so good, I couldn't stop eating! I was proud of myself in one aspect though because I had the guts to ask them for light cream in the masala instead of the regular cream that they use. It tasted the same to me and probably had a little less calories :D.

Thursday rolled around and I went up to my parent's house to go see Em, Ty, and Laylee, and also went up to finish wrapping Christmas presents since I hadn't finished and only had a few more to go :). It was really great seeing all of them. Little Laylee has gotten so big! Cutest little fireball :D. While spending time with them and talking, I finished wrapping up the presents! Here's a picture of almost all of the gifts I wrapped::

Let's just say it was a crap-ton of presents and I was very much happy when I was finished :D. They all turned out looking fairly pretty too!!! There were a couple of gifts that had a couple of spaces where you could see through the wrapping paper, but pretty much everything was in a box so it didn't really matter ^^;.

I actually can't remember what we did or if we did anything together on Thursday ^^;.

Friday was Dan's birthday!! Happy 20th birthday m'love! It was awesome. We didn't do a lot, but it was amazing spending time with him :D. We watched Saturday Night Live for a little while, talked, went and got soda for his family for dinner, talked some more, and then had some amazing dinner that his dad made. He made General Tzo's chicken with potato pancakes, stir fried broccoli, zucchini, peppers, and some white rice to top it off :). It was absolutely delicious :)!

There was also homemade cake that his mother baked and that was amazing too :D. We each had our own piece and then split a piece :D. He made me eat the last bite, it was actually pretty funny. We always fight over who eats the last bite if we're splitting something, and he said "since it is my birthday, I want you to have the last piece and I would be happy if you ate it," so I laughed and ended up eating it :). So good!

We then spent the rest of the night just talking together and enjoying each other's company :). I got to spend some time with his grandma and she's a really sweet lady :D. We also started watching the Hogfather, a movie based on a novel written by a British author named Terry Pratchett, but I ended up falling asleep about halfway through the first of two parts ^^;.

We ended up watching it on Christmas night and it was really good! Absolutely loved it and would recommend it for anyone that likes British humor XD. Or just anyone in general :D.

Christmas Eve, my dad, Jewell and I drove up to my stepsister Amber's house for Christmas Eve dinner and to spend Christmas morning with. Unfortunately the kids were crazy and woke up around 1:00 and kept me up for a while, but I got a little bit of sleep at least ^^;. We woke up Christmas morning and everyone opened their gifts. I mainly got clothing and such, which I'm super happy about :D. We went to church for a bit and then headed home from the crazy kid house :). I headed to Dan's after getting back to my folk's house and I had an amazing waffle and a half with Dan once I got there :). I ate way too much that night, things ranging from hot chocolate to fish and crackers to pieces of smoked turkey, but it was all delicious!

After eating all of this crazy food and actually feeling a little ill because of it, I've come up with an awesome New Year's resolution :).

Clean. Eating.

This means eating foods that have less than 3 ingredients in them, a.k.a. unprocessed, healthy foods around 80-85% of the time. When I was on the other day I heard one of the trainers say that "abs are made in the kitchen," and I think that's awesome :D. Plus I just like healthy eating anywho, so this clean eating thing is something that I've been getting excited about :D.

Hoping that it's a resolution that I can keep! I'm going to do my best!

I did think up some things that I was grateful for, but I've already taken forever to put this blog up, so I'll post them up with the other things I'm grateful for this week when I blog next. Love you all so much and hope that you have an amazing New Year celebration!

2012, bring it on!!! :D!



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