Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Break!

I~'m drea~ming of a whi~te Christma~s...

Because there's no snow on the ground and it's the middle of December in Utah! You'd think that the place would be covered in white by now ^^;! I guess this isn't the case ^^;.

So, this is going to be a short entry, get ready for an explosion of events!

Saturday, I got to spend some awesome time with Dan and my mom! We met at my grandma's for breakfast, went out and got some Starbucks around noon from what I remember, then went to Target and my mom got me a lamp for Christmas and gave me some mulah to buy myself a bamboo plant for my apartment since there's no nature-related thing there and I want some life in my room besides me!

Later that evening we got together with my aunt and went up to the Gateway and just hung out for a while, it was super fantastic! I got some pictures of this huge Christmas tree they had all lit up by this water fountain :D.

It kept changing colors, so I took a few pictures of it to try and capture the awesomeness :D. We walked around and just looked at shops, got some food at this Japanese place called Edo's and got some chocolate at this Rocky Mountain chocolate place. Can't remember the whole name ^^;.  After, we went to the Planetarium and just looked around at all the cool little gifts they had and such :). It was so amazing being with the four of them though. One of the most memorable nights!

Sunday I got so spend some more time with my mom and Dan. It was awesome :D. I don't get to be with them often enough ^^;.

Monday, I spent some of the day with my mom and was prepping for my character animation final due Tuesday! Also got to spend some time with my grandma and cousin from what I remember :). Turned in my final on Tuesday and it was lovely! Got 18 out of 20 points for my assignment and an overall B in my class.

Wednesday morning I had my Japanese final and got an overall B+ in that class! YAY! Not quite sure what grades I got in my shader programming or my physics class, but I'm hoping they're in the B range!!

After my Japanese final I went and got my hair done! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of me that look very good because both times I've taken pictures of my hair it's been right before bed or right after waking up hahaha. Here's one though. Forgive the sleepy eyes!

 This was before I got it done :).

And after!!! XD. I was so zonked that morning! I think that was actually yesterday morning hahaha (Friday morning).

But it's pretty! Got red, brown, and goldish stuff in there. Also decided to change from the middle part to a side-ish part :). It'd be easy to go back to a middle part if I wanted to, so I'm happy with it :D. I also got to see Jewell while I was getting my hair done! It was good to see her since I hadn't gone to see her or my dad this last Sunday. I plan on going up there this Sunday though to wrap presents and work on music stuff :D!

Thursday was basically a play day. I did what I wanted in the morning and then got together with Dan around 2:00 so we could leave for Salt Lake to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert that started at 8:00. We left around 4:00 and got there around 5:00 or 6:00 and walked around for a while. We walked through Temple Square and I saw some of the most beautiful lights!!

So gorgeous! Loved it :).

Got some dinner at Subway and then went and sat in the conference center for a while waiting for it to start. Here's a picture I got of the decorations they had up :)!

It was beautiful! I didn't get any pictures of the actual performance because they asked for no photography, plus my phone died so it was kind of impossible for me to snap any more photos.

One awesome thing about the performance was the fact that they made it snow!!! With these weird bubble thingies. It was amazing. The music was gorgeous~! I absolutely love Christmas music. I think it really helps me get into the spirit of Christmas :D.

Yesterday, Friday, morning, I went to work and after work I took all of my co-workers to Carl's Jr. to get some food because they were hungry. I didn't get anything because I try to save my treat days for Saturday (even though this week I was absolutely horrible and had stuff like pizza, brownies and ice cream, and a lot of chocolate that was given to me by my hair dresser). After taking them there, we went and rented the movie "The Adjustment Bureau" from the nearest redbox and went back to the school and watched it.

Let me just tell you, this movie was amazing!!! Or at least I thought it was. Super interesting. The ending was kind of abrupt, but it was still super enjoyable to watch :D! And Emily Blunt is super buff! Want her style of body honestly. Muscular and toned=amazing :D.

The story had me totally involved and it's interesting because I had a similar story idea before I even heard about this movie :D. Funny how that happens :)!

After this I went home, ate, sat around for a while, then went and played Assassin's Creed:: Brotherhood with Dan some while working on this Christmas project I've been doing :). We actually stopped playing for a little while when his mom came in saying that she wanted to decorate the Christmas tree. We offered to help and got to listen to some awesome Christmas music while putting ornaments and...garland? On the tree :D.

This is how the tree looked when we were done :D!!! It was so awesome talking and putting on the decorations. I absolutely love Christmas tree decorating, so it was a special treat for me :). Afterward we went back to playing Assassin's Creed and actually beat the game, started Revelations, but around 10:30 I was passing out in one of his living room chairs ^^;.

I went home, slept, and here I am this morning typing as hastily as I can so I can go work out really soon :D. I was horrible and had more chocolate last night and this morning and want to work it off before it works its way on hahaha!!!

Here's pictures of some of the food I made this week :D!

 A weird meal! Turkey patty with zucchini, onions, and a poached egg :D. Yummy though!

 An even stranger meal! Tried to make this blueberry pudding with some tofu I had, but it didn't turn out as good as I'd hoped ^^;. Frozen blueberries, soymilk, tofu, and stevia :D.

 Super yummy meal that I plan on making again today! Shrimp, green peppers, onion, oregano, and some marinara sauce :D.

 Another really yummy meal! Even though it smelled like dog while I was making it O_x.... Tilapia filets, carrots, peas, turmeric, and curry powder :).

 This is a salad Dan and I made Friday night. Super yummy! Lettuce, peppers, baby tomatoes, ham, mozzarella cheese, and salt and pepper :).

Delicious eggs that I made this morning. Seriously. So. Good. :)! Two eggs, a little bit of marinara sauce, and some mozzarella cheese! Also had a couple crackers with peanut butter on them :D.

Also got some funny images out of Assassin's Creed this past week XD. Ragdoll in that game makes me laugh so hard XD!

That guy is like folded in half!!! I was laughing so hard XDDD!

Well, that's pretty much it for this week :). Today I plan on going and hanging out with Dan. I'm thinking our treat is going to be home-made chocolate chip cookies!!! I'm super excited--haven't had those in quite a while :)!

I hope that your Christmas break goes splendidly and that you have an amazing time with your family or friends, whoever you spend it with, even if you spend it alone :). <3!

Things I was grateful for this week include::

  • Sunday:: The ability to dream. Dreaming is what makes my life livable sometimes I think :). Thinking of how amazing the future can be through your dreams is super inspirational for me personally :D.
  • Monday:: I was really grateful for my imagination :). It can come up with the weirdest things sometimes (especially when I'm asleep), but I love having a creative mind :)!
  • Tuesday:: Positive attitudes! For me, it doesn't matter whether you're having a good day or a bad day--running into someone who has a good attitude and tries to lift you up is something that I'll always be grateful for :).
  • Wednesday:: I was really grateful for the fact that hair grows hahaha, as weird as that may sound. This isn't because I don't like the way my hair was done. I was just thinking about it before I went in and thought--you know, it would suck if our hair only grew once and then we had to decide how we wanted it to look for the rest of our lives ^^;. It's nice to be able to change your appearance without it having to be permanent :D.
  • Thursday:: I was feeling really grateful for human adaptivity--the fact that our bodies are made to adapt to our environment, whatever the circumstance might be :). If we couldn't adapt to the cold or the heat of the weather, think about how much more miserable things could be!
  • Friday:: I actually didn't think of anything for yesterday, so I'll say that I'm really grateful for clear, polite communication. I love communicating with people, but it can be really frustrating when communication doesn't go as planned, but if you know what you're trying to say and you communicate it well and be understanding with people, it's amazing what kinds of things you can get across without hurting someone else :D.
  • Saturday:: I also haven't thought of anything for this morning. Hmmm. I'm really grateful for stress-relievers, particularly exercise. Exercising might not be the most fun thing to do in the world, but it really does help lower my stress levels. I've been struggling with my workouts lately--mostly just been having a hard time actually getting out and doing them, but I honestly feel so much better when I do ^^.

Anyway! That was my week! Here's a picture of snow in hopes that it'll bring some more to us before Christmas rolls around next week :D!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Love you all so much!


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