Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pictures, student film, and more :D!

Hello again everyone! Hard to believe it's already been a week since I posted last D8.

But! Here I am again, 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning blogging hahaha. Most people probably think it's crazy to get up this early and consider it "sleeping in." I actually slept in until 5 a.m. today! It felt so nice :D.

This week was a good one, as crazy busy as it was ^^;! I've got some good pictures to show, even if they're not all from this past week XD.

This was actually some time ago when I was at Dan's house. The clouds outside looked so crazy, so I snapped a picture XD.

This is some henna I drew on my hand during spring semester 2011. I love me my henna <3~!

This is a henna design I tried to give my dad for his birthday and it unfortunately didn't turn out as cool as I'd hoped, but it was all right :).

Check out those clouds!!! So stinkin' cool!

I just had to take a picture of this XD. Dan and I were playing Halo Reach and when his character was killed, this was the position he landed in. Hilarious! XD

This was a picture I took of myself a little while after the photoshoot that Christie Karr did for me. The "Dreamer" photo at the top of this blog is the same photoshoot XD!

Me randomly taking a picture of myself :D.

Some more henna!!! This is after it darkened.

This is when the henna had just been removed. Still super bright orange and fresh!!

Me right after getting my hair dyed super red! Really wanting to have it done again. It's almost been three months!

This was a design that I randomly drew and decided that I wanted to put it on my arm in henna form.

Here's the design after applying the henna :D.

And right after the henna was removed. Super orange! XD

This is a picture I took of myself right before doing a photoshoot with my friend Alisha Garner.

This is a permanent marker tattoo that I drew on her collar bone for her :D. Tried to make it as symmetrical as I possibly could!

This is Lisha getting her photos taken by her cousin Andrew. The results were amazing :D!

This is a picture that I started working on near the beginning of the summer called "Love Beam," based on Perfume's song "Laser Beam."

This is about as far as I got before school started. The picture has since then been kind of abandoned hahaha ^^;. Sadly enough.

This is a random page out of my sketchbook that I took to show Dan the cool guy up in the top right corner :).

...I totally destroyed that pear. But it was so good <3~!

This is me feeling totally badass at work XD. I think it was the black gloves and the fact that my bangs were super long XD.

Me and some zucchini slices with hummus in the middle! YUM.

This is me showing you the "Big Daddy" I'm drawing from the Bioshock series :D.

I don't know why I thought this was a cool picture...but I did :D.

This is the pencil sketch of the Big Daddy.

This is me beginning to shade and pen in the Big Daddy and his Little Sister :D.

Me being incredibly sweaty after hitting the gymn XD.

Those clouds are just...crazy AWESOME! They were like spiky! One of the coolest cloud-formation things I've ever seen XD.

I don't even know how this happened hahaha!!! I woke up and walked into the bathroom and my hair looked like this XD. Totally had me cracking up!

This is a pear that I drew for my Shader Programming animation class. We were supposed to draw a fruit and paint it in Photoshop using as many layers as we needed to to get the pear to look as realistic as possible ^^;. I was pretty happy with mine though it's not quite "realistic."

This was the beginnings of my pear shaded in the RenderMan program named Slim XD. I promise it looked a lot better than this when it was finished XD.

I'm also taking a Character Animation class like I mentioned in my last post, and this is my character! Her name is Saudia, she's a girl in her early 20s I think...or late teens...and she's obsessed with trying to figure out how to alter time because her family (being very intelligent in the sciences) has figured out how to alter every other element (fire, air, water, earth, metal...blah). I absolutely love her costume on the left!!! She makes me so happy :D. Just finished her rig today! I think I'll post a picture of that a little later.

So, Dan and I were playing Crysis 2, and after a cutscene, his character's gun disappeared and yet he was still able to fire and kill enemy aliens. SO awesome XDDD. I was laughing. A lot XD.

This is the beginnings of my character Saudia in Maya :D. Modeling is so crazy, but it can be enjoyable :D.

This is me randomly feeling happy about my hair/bangs :D. So I snapped a picture.

This is an entire page I dedicated to studying kanji that was in this difficult newspaper article I had to read for my Japanese class. It was totally worth all the studying though :D!

My loverly Dan!! We went to Starbucks for our weekly treat together and it was amazing XD. I had a java chip light frappuccino, and he had a mango something smoothie :D. So good!

For dinner we had breakfast, and after drinking some milk, Dan got this huge milk moustache. So awesome XD.

I tried to put on some small blue gloves at work, but my hands were too big to fit them so the palms ripped right off! It left me with this really cool finger-only glove XD. Totally reminded me of Kashiyuka's finger gloves in their PV Secret Secret::
I love these three so much! So inspiring to me. A-chan looks a little weird in this picture though D8.

Another picture of me with the weirdo gloves ;D.

Another CRAZY hair morning XD.

Could my hair get any stranger in the mornings?!

This is me in an awesome flowy tunic thing that my aunt gave to me for my birthday! Totally love it :D.

My co-worker taking a little snooze on the job hahaha.

This is me trying to create a successful tile pattern using code instead of an interactive program. It was definitely a challenge!

I was finally able to get the tile pattern down,
and then I changed up the colors to make it look more like bathroom tiles :D.

This is a picture of me showing off my triceps hahaha! I love having muscles XD XD.

If you look at the light spot near the very bottom of this picture, you can kind of see what I was trying to take a picture of :D. The clouds looked so amazing! Kinda like shredded cloth or something :).

I tried to take a picture of the light Dan's glasses were reflecting onto his eyebrow. It was so bizarre!

This is me at work :), mopheads sitting around behind me hahaha.

This is a glimpse of what my workspace is like. All crazy machinery stuff! Luckily I have to clean around it :D.

I tried to take a picture of the pretty colors on the mountain but wasn't very successful ^^;.

And then tried zooming in, but I dunno if you can see the trees up there. There were some really bright red ones, it was beautiful!

This is me about to head out to school. I was really digging my hairstyle :D.

This was me before class one morning. My hair is getting so long!!! :D I totally love it! I'm really wanting to do something a little different with the color or style, but I'm not quite sure what to do yet :D. Still thinkin'!

This is a picture of some really pretty changing leaves on my way to class.

I was able to get my tiles to be shiny like bathroom tiles!!! :D Except they're dirty and have spots on them XD.
Here's my tile! I was actually able to get the dirty spots to bump inward thanks to this CS-Animation major that was in my class. He just gave me a couple pointers and I was able to do it :D!

This was the premiere of the latest BYU animated film "Butchered Meats." It was really cool, this guy from Industrial Light and Magic came down and talked to us about what he'd done on the Transformers movies. It was fantastic! There were a lot of people there :D.

A couple of mornings ago, I walked into this room to take out the trash and noticed this smiley face on the floor. I notified my co-worker Lauren Gale and we both laughed about it XD. Somehow the employees in the central heating plant were able to get the grime off of the floor with something, and did so in the form of a happy face XD. Both of us want to know what they used so we can clean the floor of its nasty grime once and for all!!!
The floor is so happy to be clean XD XD!

These were some gorgeously colored bushes that I snapped a photo of on my way home from class. So pretty!!! Plus my favorite color is red, just makes it that much more appealing to me :D!

Well! Now that I've probably bored you to death with all of these crazy random pictures, I'm going to tell you what's going to be happening in the near future. :)

Today, I plan on going and exercising, coming home and getting a good shower, going to Witchapalooza with Jewell to watch my dad perform at noon, and then I plan on spending the rest of the day with Dan relaxing, eating soup, cuddling under a nice blanket and watching movies :). I'll probably fit some good extensive reading for my Japanese class (I'm required to read 100 minutes a week) while Dan and I are together.

Also! Letting all of you know, but the junior animation class at BYU decided on Thursday (October 27th, 2011) evening what film we're going to be making for the next year and a half!!! It's a film called "Chasm."

There were so many good film pitches, I was honestly really impressed and inspired by the majority of them, especially Chris Hayes' pitch! It was about the boatman in Greek mythology that ferries spirits to the gates of the underworld and how he ends up befriending Cerberus.

Great story :D. If the scope of his film idea hadn't been so large, that would have definitely been my first choice.

I feel like as a class we made a really wise decision because the scope of Chasm is fairly small and simple, which will let us polish it up super nicely. It's going to be fantastic! We're going to try and get together some concept art, storyboards, etc. to pitch to Sony this coming Friday. I volunteered to help with something--anything, but haven't gotten a reply yet to let me know what people would like me to do. I might start doodling concept art and just hand it into them :). We'll see!

I'm getting ready to start my final project in my Shader Programming class, which is putting a CG object in a photograph and making it unnoticeable (a.k.a. making it look like it was a part of the photograph in the first place). I have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to do though. Just have to get my photo taken and start modeling my CG object!

In my Character Animation class, I just recently finished the rig for my character (meaning that I can control how she moves now), and I'm going to be starting the animation process soon :D. So excited! I just have to decide exactly what I want her to do. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do something that's more dialogue/acting based since I didn't really rig her to be super acrobatic ^^;.

This coming Friday (November 4th, 2011) is my class' Japanese 文化祭 (bunkasai=cultural festival)!!! We're not quite sure what we're going to do for it, but someone suggested the "algorithm march," which can be seen here::

When I first saw this, I could NOT stop laughing!!! So amazing XD. I love Japanese so much hahaha.

Anyway. I should be taking off here! Everyone please do your best to follow your dreams! It's the only way to live life happily I think.

This week has been stressful, but it's been a good week, and I plan on it ending well :).

Love to all of you.