Monday, July 18, 2011

Things are looking up :)

Hey everyone, it's been another while since I updated last (or at least it feels like it XD), so I figured I'd let you know what's been going on :).

So, the day that I turned in my two weeks notice at Vivint Inc. was also the day that I decided to quit. I terminated my position there the same day because it was really hiking up my anxiety and I didn't want to go in and have someone yell at me on the phones and have me breaking down again ^^;, so I quit the job and instantly started looking for new work. There is a Blockbuster not far from where I live that was hiring and I was able to go visit the manager, and she said that she was interested in setting up a formal interview, but I think that I might pass on that job, just because most Blockbuster stores have gone out of business, two of which that manager actually owned ^^;. I also found a job opening at Game Stop in the mall and I was able to get an interview, but I don't feel like the manager and I really had a good connection. I'm going to call back today anyway and see if there's been any updates on my application or to see if they hired someone else.

I was also able to get a job interview at a place called Classroom Multimedia Support at BYU, where my animation classmate Paul works, and I was able to get an interview (that went really well), but right after they interviewed me, CMS split and they discovered they were unable to hire anyone, but they gave me a link to this place called Open Access Lab and told me that I could apply there for work, which I'm definitely going to do.

While all of this job searching has been going on, I've been working at the Quiznos in AF for Steve since Larry didn't have any job openings, and Steve was really short-handed. He's a really nice guy, but sometimes he can be kind of scary because he's so direct with you. He's generally a pleasant manager though :). I've gotten to know the other employees a little bit and they all seem fairly nice. There's obvious drama-queens, but I don't mind working with them because their drama is stuff that's going on with them. I try to sympathize and things like that still, but it's nice because I'm just kind of watching from the outside instead of being super connected to them and to the drama that affects them ^^;.

Also, random, but being moved out of the house has been such an awesome experience for me. I've been cooking for myself a lot more often, eating healthier, still working out every day, and overall things have just gone really well. We just had someone else move into the apartment yesterday (or sometime recently), and she seems like she's going to be a messy roommate, but I think I can handle it as long as she doesn't leave the kitchen in tatters (seeing as she doesn't use the same bathroom as me--HALLELUJAH!). It's so funny, I'm such a clean person now when it comes to keeping the apartment clean. It makes me happy though because having a dirty place to live is totally miserable (or I can imagine it would be ^^;).

Anyway! I've recently gotten into working on the student films a little bit and it's been awesome. I haven't actually started working on the projects yet, but I've been trying to be involved when it comes to the films because this fall, my class and I start our own student film and it would be really nice if I knew how to do things by experience in other student films ^^.

Also!!! My music stuff has been going incredibly well. I've nearly finished song #1 (it just needs mixing), and song #2 is really close to being done as well! Christie is going to help me record a music video for it and I'm so excited!!! It's going to be fantastic :D. Her dad is in the film industry, so they've got the works XD. I've nearly finished the instruments for song #4, and song #5 is slowly being born :D. Poor song #3 needs some serious work, but I figure it'll start coming together when it's meant to.

Guess what?!

Christie and I did a photoshoot, and these were the awesome results of her amazing make-up abilities :D! Hopefully we can get the real photos she took soon :D!

Anyway! For now, I'm going to get a little snack and get ready to go exercise with my dad. Much loves to all of you! I hope you all have a wonderful week!


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