Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm feeling bloggy...

So, I just got home from work about...around 8:20 p.m., and once I turned on my computer, I had the sudden urge to update my blog and put some of my artwork in here!


Here's some of it! I hope you enjoy it ;D.

AND before I continue, all of you should know that I have a strange and slightly sick obsession with Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, so you'll most likely be seeing plenty of pictures about him hahaha. Just for your information!

I can promise you that this is my picture and that the weird signature in the background is mine. I didn't steal it, promise ;D!

Once again, I promise this is my picture ^^;. My deviantart name is Uzumaki-Akane-sama, hence that is my watermark and signature ;D. If you don't believe me, go to !!

From here on are pictures of the characters that are part of the Kingdom Hearts roleplay that my friends Jacqui and Tia have been doing for almost...two years now? XD. I hope you enjoy them! WARNING! Spoilers below!

AND FINALLY!!! The characters from a story I've been working on lately. I think it's awesome and I hope you do too!!!

Once again, I promise the picture and it's contents are mine XD! I love these characters and their stories and I hope you like what I've posted so far. I will be posting more of my sketchbook pictures. My style has changed a lot and I've been trying to expand what I can draw, but yeah! I'm so exhausted. This is all I'm posting for tonight. Loves from the psycho who got an amazing 91% on her Japanese midterm today,

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