Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's been FOREVER...

Hey everybody!!! Ali here again. I can't believe how long it's been since I came here and posted something D8. I guess when I came back from Japan, I sorta gave up on continuing the blog was just my Japanese adventure blog, so now I don't use it! I guess I could use this as my art update page sorta how one of my friends does...or I could sorta use it as a journal like one of my other friends does it...AAAAH I dunno!

I guess I'll just do whatever and see what happens hahaha. For now I may as well just use it as a journal because I don't really have any other reason to keep a blog ^^;.

Soooo! A lot has happened since I came back from Japan, and I will (unfortunately?) not be covering all of that because it's just WAY too much to type down. I swear, the pages would be endless!

I'll start with today I suppose. Today! I was rudely awoken by Ethan, my good friend Tia's younger brother, and he was actually calling Tia's name, but I heard and jumped awake! He said that we had to come upstairs to eat and I yelled "OHHHKAYYYY!" and then rolled around a little before I finally slumped off of her couch. Jacqui, a friend that had also spent the night, woke up with me and I very zombie-like walked over to Tia's room, woke her up, and we all wobbled upstairs to eat German pancakes that Tia's mom had made for us. I was very, very upset about the whole ordeal hahaha. Because once I'm awake, I Cannot. Go. Back. To. Sleep. So, I had some German pancakes smothered in syrup and whip cream (which I regret eating now <:(...) and went back downstairs to fall asleep. My stomach felt not so happy after eating the pancakes, but it's fine now (luckily! ^^). So, I snuggled up on the couch again and tried to sleep, but got a call from Lisha (a friend that I've sort of been struggling with because of previous events that I don't particularly want to discuss), and I ignored the call because I was trying to get some sleep. She left me a voicemail and she was apparently very upset, so I texted her against my better judgement and asked her what was wrong and she said it was nothing and that I should get some sleep and I was thinking to myself, called me crying, so apparently something is wrong, stop lying TO ME AAAAH!

So she left me alone after that so I could sleep, but Jacqui's stomach started feeling upset because of the German pancakes (not because they weren't awesomely delicious, just because she doesn't usually eat breakfast and it was quite sugary...), so she asked me if I could give her a ride home, and I didn't want her to have to stay at the house and feel miserable and sick, so I got up and drove her home. By the time I got back to Tia's to go back to sleep, I was feeling quite awake and very regretful for eating such a sugary breakfast despite the fact it was really good, so I went into their weight room downstairs and exercised for a little bit because I'm just weird about gaining weight, plus I've been eating like crap the past couple of days, and I can see my stomach starting to protrude a little more than normal.

ANYWAY. So I exercised, went and lay down on the couch and it felt absolutely lovely, so I grabbed my blanket, slept for about half an hour before Tia woke back up, and I felt grouchy for most of the rest of the day. Mostly because it's Sunday (automatic church attendance), and Sunday is rarely a good day for me...but it hasn't been too bad lately I guess :).

So, after I got up and changed into my church clothes, I went and picked up Jacqui from her house and we all happily zoomed off to the ward which I will not mention just for creepy stalkers' sake. We got to the church barely on time if not just a little bit late, found our group of friends, one of which (Molly) doesn't usually attend our church, so it was absolutely awesome seeing her!!! And it was great having Jacqui there too even though she's not much of a church goer from what I understand.

The entire time church was going on, I was avoiding every possible word that came out of the people's mouths that were teaching lessons and just started drawing more of the Kingdom Hearts Role Play (KHRP) comics. I'm on page 83 right now and it's so exciting! I'm really happy because it's inspired Jacqui and Tia to keep going with me just to finish it up and I'm so happy I could help them out! I just hope that we're able to keep our inspiration up with the school year starting so soon!!!

Church soon ended (we skipped the last class because it was extremely full and there was no row with as many seats as we needed, so we went outside, said goodbye to Molly, Tia and I danced a little, and then I drove us back to Tia's house because I was extremely starving, I kept jokingly grabbing Tia's and Jacqui's arms and gnawing on them hahaha.

We actually decided to leave Tia's house so we could munch on foods at my house, so I grabbed my things and we went back to my house, had some barbeque (HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT?!?!) chicken, tomatoes, and zucchini, a bazillion Wheat Thins, and lots and lots of water. I think my body went into starvation mode because now I'm looking tubby after looking perfectly fine earlier hahaha.

ANYWAY...again.... Jacqui and I ended up just talking for hours on end about the most random things, and some things that are important to me and some that are important to her, and it was great! Then we went on a walk up to the now named "fishpool" at Kiwanas, walked back. On our way up and back, we saw these clumps of caterpillars and it totally grossed me out because they were all freaky looking and Jacqui was like WOOOAAAAHHHH, coooooool!!! And I was like O_O;; eeEEEEEEEEEEEP! And avoided them ^^;.

We talked for a while after that once we came back to the house, mostly about Kingdom Hearts, the KHRP, where we wanted it to go and such, and then she decided it would be best for me to take her home because her mom texted her saying dinner would be ready soon, so I took her back, came home, started laundry, and now I'm sitting in my little(absolutely filthy) computer room getting ready to continue shading page 83 of this comic! Wish me luck!

Much loves from your crazy Japanese loving, art psycho host,