Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recent Events, Pictures I've Taken on My Phone, and...yeah!

Hey everybody! Long time no talk to. I haven't had much time lately to update the blog, so here I am on Sunday when I can finally take a breather, updating the bloooooooog! XD. I should be more diligent about this stuff! DX!

So! I'm going to start off just posting pretty much all of the pictures I've ever taken on my phone. I will explain each as I go along! Here we go!

So, I'm a spaz and like to poke out the middle of my Reese's peanut butter cups. You know their commercials, "How do you eat your Reese's??" If I could be in one of those, that would be awesome XD

This is a white wig that Lisha owns that I decided to try on. She said it was Dante (Devil May Cry) hair, and I chuckled XDDD. I don't think I resemble Dante at all hahahah!

This is my awesomely awesome artistic genius friend Christie and I!! (Didn't recognize me DID YOU?!?! XDD) She wanted to do a kind of Cats photoshoot, so she did my make-up like a cat and we took some cool pictures XD! I think I took this either before or after the shoot was over hahaha.

Same place, people, just less funny faces ;D.

Took this one when I was driving back from BYU one day (don't worry, I was being careful), because the mountains looked so awesome.

One day I was feeling particularly inspired by the facepaint that Snake wears in the video game entitled MGS3 (Metal Gear Solid 3), so I decided to deck out my face with eye make up!!! XD Yes, I know I'm a dork Em, you don't have to tell me XD.

Desert face paint!

I can't remember what I was looking up on the internet...probably just cosplay stuff or something, and I found this crazy add for man bras in Japan. This is probably the weirdest thing I have ever seen D8!!! But it makes me laugh hysterically every time I see it!

This makes me bust up every time I see it too hahahah! This is my good friend Tia and I (Tia being on the right. I'm on the left with the funky blurred lip) during our "Emo" photoshoot. We were making funny faces and taking pictures. In this one, I thought she'd already taken the picture, so I started laughing really hard, but she hadn't yet, hence the blurry lip and drunken eye look thingy...yeah! XD

This is Tia and I back when she used to work at Quiznos with me XD. We miss you at the Q-zoo Tia!!!

This is our lovely co-worker Dee who we dressed up in our Quiznos mascot costume and sent parading around the parking lot while we were dead at work XD.

I can't remember when I took this one, but I thought I looked cute, so I took a picture! ^^;.

This is my loverly boyfriend Dan hahaha. A part of his pants ripped off and he started putting it on his face to make a weird mustache, and I was cracking up so hard!!! So funny XD.

Dan making a strange face with the piece of pants...thing.... XD. For some reason it reminds me of Cloggsworth off of Beauty and the Beast XD.

This picture used to come up on my phone every time he would try to call me hahahah!

This is Tia dressed up as...oh crap, I can't remember her name. Nerine? Off of an anime called Shuffle! This was during the anime convention...2 years ago now? Dang, has it really been that long? D8....

This is me right after I dyed my hair red... I LOVE dying my hair red.

From left to right: This is Tia, Jacqui, and Lisha while we were at the Banzai anime convention.

This was at Christie's right before another photoshoot ;D. She curled my hair and it was awesome!

Sorry it's so blurry, but my sister took this picture and I wanted it on my phone, so I took a picture of the picture so I could have it XD.

This is an amazing mis-translation in the original Final Fantasy VII video game XD. There's a few of them...I think they're hilarious!

Me and Breanna doing funky things with my phone at church XD. Don't I look great as a blonde? XD

Thought this was just too ironic to pass up XD. From Final Fantasy VII again ;D.

I Photoshopped my eyes to make them blue! Just to see what it would look like, and I think it would be awesome!

This is me after cutting red onions at work. BLAST YOU ONIONNNNNS!!! >8O!!!

Tia saw this magazine lying on her counter and started busting up laughing (from what I remember), and she explained to me that it looked like it said "Richardson ate the track team all by herself again," and it all made perfect sense XD...sort of XDDD.

So, back when Tia was working with us at Quiznos, it was a day or something before her birthday, so her, me, Tessa (person on right) and I decided it would be awesome to draw facial/crazy hair on our faces right before we closed! We got some hilarious looks from the customers XDDD.

Me and my sexy unibrow/Naruto whiskers.

Tia and her sexy French mustache and squiggly goatee XD.
Tia and I eating Poky (chocolate covered pretzels without salt) at the Banzai anime convention XD.

This was another photoshoot that Christie and I did...she came up with the amazing idea to paint my face like the do on La Dia de Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) in Mexico. It turned out to be an absolutely awesome photoshoot!!! She's a crazy amazing make-up artist.

This is the picture that comes up on my iPhone every time I go to unlock it XD. Love it!!!

Me making weird faces...again. XD

This is another good friend of mine, Riley, who saw some green ribbon in my room and put it to good use by taping it to his face in several places and making me crack up XD.

On my birthday, or near my birthday a year ago, I super wanted someone to smash cake or pie in my face, so! Dan came over one day and took a small piece of pie and wiped it all over my face...and partly on his so he didn't feel left out XD!

This is a picture from the Imogen Heap concert I went to...last April? Either that or the April before. I can't remember ^^;. But there were two guys that performed before her and they were both awesome XD. One of them was a little freaky though...this wasn't him.

There she is! Imogen Heap up on the stage XD. She was so charming with her awesome British accent. Love it! She sang most of the songs from her newest album...Ellipse? I think that's what it was called. Brilliant though.

This is my Dad before we went to see the Imogen concert. He's so awesome XDDD.

Breanna and I being funny with my phone again at church XD.

The morning after the candied skulls (day of the dead) photoshoot, Christie and I decided we wanted to do sort of a robotic one with a twist...she wanted a mowhawk on here I am with a mowhawk!!! HOW THE CRAP DO YOU SPELL THAT WORD?!

Dan again with my rubber band to hold my artbook on my wood piece on his head ahahah!

Once again, Breanna and I being funny at church XD.


This is my hair after I got it done for the first time at Azalea (an awesome Aveda salon)!!!

This is me while I was getting my hair done there XDDD.

This is Tia making an absolutely awesome face XD. Reminds me of someone, but I won't say who just in case they ever happen to view this page hahahaha!!!

Lisha's kittens!!! SO CUTE!

Soooo small. I wanted to cuddle them forever KYAAAAH!

I went shopping with my sister one day and this lady curled my hair for free! She didn't think I had such thick hair hahahaha. I felt kinda bad, but she asked for it ;D!

Me being a dork XDDD.

My neatly wrapped turkey pre-weighs at work XD.

One night before Riley and his friend Corbin (Tia's ex) came over to my house, Tia and I decided to put on some crazy make-up, and it looked SO awesome XDDD.

I think Tia's face in this picture is pretty much priceless XD.

I was feeling pretty one day, so I took a picture of it ;D.

Me wearing Tessa's sexy leopard print glasses at work XD.

So I can't remember why I'd dressed up, but I love this outfit ;D!

...probably one of the worst parking jobs in the history of mankind....

Adorable Kitten!!!

Gee, I wonder if him and Boots are related? (...Boots is his mom!)

This is a picture that my mom e-mailed to me with a song and it totally had me bawling. I love this picture!!!

This is probably the most awesome car ever! If you can't see it very well, it's a car decked out to look like the Ghostbusters vehicle. It was AMAZING! Tia and her work friends and I saw it when we were on our way out to the club on Tia's birthday XD.

This is a newer version of my impersonation of Cousin It XD.

Me wearing the ladybug hat that my sister Em made for our little sister Isa. I think I look really weird D8.

Laylee wearing the Laylee sized hat XD. So cute!

Me feeding my niece XD.

So, I went to my 3D class one morning and our teacher(Brent Adam)'s wife had made us all miniature white chocolate lego men! They were amazingly good and looked like the real thing. It was SO cool XD.

Woke up one morning and totally had the Final Fantasy anti-gravity bangs thing going on XD.

Tia and I being dorks XD.

Tia and I being dorks again XD.

So, I was eating breakfast one morning and I looked up at George for a second, and she randomly popped up onto her back legs and her eyes got all big like she was looking at something moving outside, and the position she was in just made me laugh, so I got out my camera as fast as I could and snapped a picture because it was the weirdest looking thing I'd ever seen her do!!! XD Crazy George.

I thought this lady looked A LOT like my little sister Isa...I think it's the eyes XD. Em, tell me what you think! Am I crazy?

Some beautiful bushes I pass on my way to school.

Kitten snuggling Luke...who doesn't approve XD.

Picture of a mountain up at Sundance.

Picture of a cool stone Indian guy up at Sundance XD.

This is a rainbow that Seth (one of my co-workers) noticed outside right after it had rained. It was a FULL rainbow, but I wasn't able to get the whole thing in the picture :(.

I saw this poster at school and just had to laugh XD.

So, I got my hair done recently and wanted it to look either like this or have straight bangs, but I ended up going outside of my comfort zone and doing this bang instead.

This is how it turned out!! I'm pretty happy with it, I just need to go back and have her trim up the long side just a little bit because it gets in my eyes a lot hahaha.

I took this picture while I was getting ready for work one day...I thought it made my eye look so cool!!!

This is me feeling psycho while getting my hair done. I think that's the most tin foil I've ever had in my hair before D8!!!

So, if you wanted to see my CAULDRON, here it is!!! From mid-process to the finished product :)!

This is the main pot right after I put it into Mudbox so I could sculpt the outer layer to make it look like the vines were covering the pot.

This is right after I brought the pot back into Maya and started playing with lights and textures :).

Colored the pot black...

Started putting in the background...

Changed the wood texture because it looked like cork instead of wood. This is the unrendered version. It's just showing the bump map, not the bump and displacement map (sorry for the animation slang).

The rendered version....

And the final huge HD version of my caulron ;D. Except I changed the grass to a gravel so it looks less cheesy :). I think those are all of the pictures I have for now!'s been absolutely insane lately! I haven't had hardly any time to spend with friends...the main person I see anymore is Dan, but I don't really mind that. I talked to Tia today about how I super miss her and felt like we've just been drifting apart because we have been, and she totally agreed. It was great talking to her ;D.

Anyway, I should get off of the computer now and do something productive like study some Japanese stuff or something for tomorrow.... I'm getting my schedule all figured out for Winter semester, so I'll know what kind of class load I'll have soon. I think it's going to be a little more intense than the classes I have now Dx!!! Hopefully it will all be all right!!!

And I've officially decided that when I write about my day in a creative way, it makes my blog just THAT much more interesting! Sometimes my days aren't that interesting though...oh well!

Funny things that have happened:: Well, in my storyboarding class we were talking about this guy that was super anti-Mormon and he was trying to take down the church from the inside and he eventually was caught, but not before he made these nail-bombs and injured/killed a bunch of people. The reason why this is funny at all is because my teacher, Kelly Loosli, said that the last bomb went off on the anti-Mormon guy, but after that he said, "Well, he died, but his house was finished afterwards." The whole class was cracking up so hard afterward XD. I thought it was hilarious!!!

Then one night, Keith, Matt, Lindsey and I were in the BFA 2D animation lab putting together our photo-boards for Monday and Lindsey left around...7:00 p.m? The three of us, Keith, Matt, and I, stayed and timed out the photos in Adobe Premiere so that we wouldn't have to manually do it on Monday. We sat in there for what felt like forever just picking out pictures and scenes that we thought we could change, and I was randomly getting songs stuck in my head left and right. Eventually, I got the Lil' Wayne-Lollipop song stuck in my head and told Keith and Matt that I'd written Quiznos lyrics to the song and Matt instantly blurted, "Shawty want a thuuuuub," but he meant to say "sub," so he and I kept on randomly cracking up about it for the rest of the night until 10:00 p.m. when I decided that it was high time I went home and got some rest ^^;.

That is all for now, but I'll try to write again soon!!!

Hope you guys all had an amazing weekend!!!

Loves from the psycho,