Monday, September 1, 2008

The pool, peeling shrimp...and...Apaman?

Hello everybody!!! Sorry I haven:t updated the blog in a while. A lot has happened since I last updated! I:ll try to post everything I remember. So! I got to go to the school, I met my counselors, got my uniform and my shirts. The shirts cost a holy 70$, and I only got 3 of them D8. that stuff, then bought a wallet so that I don:t have to carry my purse everywhere I go. It:s so cute! It:s black and white and has a silver chain with a heart hanging off of it. Anyway!

Yesterday, I went to the pool with Alan:s family and Hayato:s family (Hayato is Alan:s older brother). It was so fun, but I got another horrid sunburn. It:s healing surprisingly fast! The only part that:s still red is my chest and my shoulders...and my right hand XD. The pool was absolutely ginormous. It was so packed too!!! I went to the wave pool with Alan and Asami (Hayato:s wife), and you literally had to squeeze to get in. It was crazy! It was a lot of fun though. I got irritable around 3;00 because we:d been there all day long, but I stayed happy for a couple hours more.

We watched a kids performance about a famous Japanese animated character named Apamang...or something like that. That:s how you pronounce it anyway. It:s this bald guy with really poofy pink cheeks with toast and a bug as friends...its weird, but it was interesting. I took pictures and a video of it. I:ll see if I can post it soon XD! Sorry I haven:t posted any pictures guys!

Anyway...last night! Okay, so I ate some VERY interesting foods. For those of you who have weak stomachs, please skip down to the next paragraph. Okay, so! I actually ate raw horse meat and cooked horse tongue. I also ate pig intestines. They were chewy, but everything was really REALLY delicious XD! Tonight I also took the shells off of shrimp and it was horrifying because the legs were still there and was like they were still alive! It freaked me out, but I did it to help out with dinner.

Anyway! Today was my first day of school. I became the center of attention, but it:s only temporary XD. I actually made a couple friends though! Kumi is the main one...then there:s Hiromi and Aya. They:re all so kind! If I don:t understand what they:re saying, they try to say it in English, then repeat it in Japanese so I can learn more vocabulary and stuff. It:s so awesome! They:re amazing XD. We took purikura (pictures you can draw on) today, and there was one where I looked like a pig. It was a funny face picture though, so it was fine XD.

Aaaaagh I should really post pictures soon. I:ll do my best! Love you all so much and I:ll update more soon!