Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hey everyone! Photobucket started working again ;D!

Here:s the rest of the pictures! Sorry it took so long to get them up guys! Here they are!!!

So you go down this street a little more, and then!!!!

Don dada DONNNNN!!!! Here it is! It:s that tall building on the left...right by the pink and tan building! That:s the house! It:s small, but it:s really tall ;D! It:s actually fairly big for a Japanese home, but there are bigger houses ;D.

Here:s a fairly tall block that stands by the house. I:m not sure what it says actually ^^;.

I:m currently updating more pictures on Photobucket, so I:ll update them as soon as they:re finished (or whenever I have time next ;D.) I love you all muchly and hope you:re doing well!


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Todd Sorensen said...

Ali, I LOVE all of the pictures with your family. Their home, etc. Its awesome! I love all these pictures. The more you have like this the more you'll love lthem later. Get as many as they'll let you. I love Masahiro getting a ticket... Thats funny. For me at least... I love you so much. I sent you an email as well. can you get me that info asap? Thanks, Dad.