Thursday, October 23, 2008

A fast update!

Hey everyone! Ali here! Just wanted to let you guys know that I had a panic attack on the 10th of October, went to the hospital, but everything was all right. I was just under a lot of stress, and I wasn:t drinking hardly any water, so my body was super dehydrated! I:m doing really, really well now though ;D, promise! If I feel any worse, I plan on going to the hospital again to have them record my heartbeat for one full day to make sure that I don:t have any problems. Everything is all right, so please don:t worry. Just send me lots of prayers and love!

Anyway! Here:s what I:ve been up to ;D!

A while ago it was Alan:s friend:s birthday, so we all met in the cafeteria at lunch and made takoyaki (octopus fried and put in this breaded stuff...covered in sauce. We used shrimp and tuna too! It was delicious!) Here:s a picture of everyone at the party!


A few days later I had to go to Shinjuku alone by train (which was why I was so stressed...I think), and gave a speech at this JFIE building thing about the differences between Japan and America. These were the friends I made while I was there ;D! The one on the very left is from Osaka! She was amazing XD.


A few days later I went to JFIE again with Alan, and afterward we went to Shibuya to go clothing shopping! We went to Harajuku and Ichimarukyuu (Shibuya 109). Here are the pictures I took-- I tried to get Alan in them, but she kept dodging the camera Dx.



Photobucket The girl on that billboard up there is actually one of my favorite actresses! She:s amazing! Kinda cocky though...I think >_<;! But she:s on one of my favorite TV shows ^^;. And now the famous ICHIMARUKYUU! (109) Photobucket

Just a couple of days ago, my friend Kumiko made this huge tower of ocha (tea) bottles and a paper cup...I had to take a picture!


That:s all for now, but I:ll try to update soon! Sorry I didn:t update for a long time, but really, everything is all right! I love you all muchly!


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