Friday, October 24, 2008


Hey everybody!!! We took some awesomely amazing purikura pictures today!!! I went with Alan and her half-American, half-Japanese friend to a game center and took these purikura!!!



Alan and Eri said that my face was the best in this picture...

And the worst in this one!!! :rofl:! OMG I was laughing so hard when I saw what kind of crazy face I made! It was so fun though ;D!

Here:s the last one for now! If we take more purikura, I:ll put it up on my blog!!! Love you all muchly! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A fast update!

Hey everyone! Ali here! Just wanted to let you guys know that I had a panic attack on the 10th of October, went to the hospital, but everything was all right. I was just under a lot of stress, and I wasn:t drinking hardly any water, so my body was super dehydrated! I:m doing really, really well now though ;D, promise! If I feel any worse, I plan on going to the hospital again to have them record my heartbeat for one full day to make sure that I don:t have any problems. Everything is all right, so please don:t worry. Just send me lots of prayers and love!

Anyway! Here:s what I:ve been up to ;D!

A while ago it was Alan:s friend:s birthday, so we all met in the cafeteria at lunch and made takoyaki (octopus fried and put in this breaded stuff...covered in sauce. We used shrimp and tuna too! It was delicious!) Here:s a picture of everyone at the party!


A few days later I had to go to Shinjuku alone by train (which was why I was so stressed...I think), and gave a speech at this JFIE building thing about the differences between Japan and America. These were the friends I made while I was there ;D! The one on the very left is from Osaka! She was amazing XD.


A few days later I went to JFIE again with Alan, and afterward we went to Shibuya to go clothing shopping! We went to Harajuku and Ichimarukyuu (Shibuya 109). Here are the pictures I took-- I tried to get Alan in them, but she kept dodging the camera Dx.



Photobucket The girl on that billboard up there is actually one of my favorite actresses! She:s amazing! Kinda cocky though...I think >_<;! But she:s on one of my favorite TV shows ^^;. And now the famous ICHIMARUKYUU! (109) Photobucket

Just a couple of days ago, my friend Kumiko made this huge tower of ocha (tea) bottles and a paper cup...I had to take a picture!


That:s all for now, but I:ll try to update soon! Sorry I didn:t update for a long time, but really, everything is all right! I love you all muchly!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


It:s been a while! Sorry I haven:t updated in forever guys Dx! I:ve been really busy with...autumn break? Hahahah! I really have been though. Here:s what:s been happening!

alexis naquel foreign exchange 2008 Japan Japanese This is my host sister! Her name is Alan, in case you guys didn:t know ;)! She has 2 jobs right now, Macdonalds and a Yakiniku restaurant. Megumi and I decided to visit her one day, and Megumi snapped a secret picture of her XD! Hahahah!

It was recently my birthday! (10/1) On my b-day, Megumi and I went shopping, and by afternoon we were both ordered this at a soba shop! alexis naquel foreign exchange 2008 Japan Japanese Don dada donnnnn!!! INTRODUCING FUJI-SAAAAAN!!! It was literally a mountain of was so incredible! Megumi couldn:t eat all of it though because it was so huge D8!

alexis naquel foreign exchange 2008 Japan Japanese This is Megumi and the mountain of noodles before she started eating it XD.

alexis naquel foreign exchange 2008 Japan Japanese This is me making a funny face and marveling at how flippin: huge it was D8!

alexis naquel foreign exchange 2008 Japan Japanese This is what I ordered at that soba shop. They had Udon noodles with Mochi, and I lurv both, so I got it ^^!

I don:t have any pictures of my b-day party, but I have video of it that I:m going to be uploading later ^^. Anyway!

alexis naquel foreign exchange 2008 Japan Japanese A few days after my b-day, we visited this place! Also known as Akarenga ;D. There was a huge German festival there with a bunch of beer was so funny! There was a ton of drunk people hahahah! But Megumi and I avoided the beer place and went window shopping inside of Akarenga ;D. They had a bunch of stuff! We didn:t buy anything though ^^.

alexis naquel foreign exchange 2008 Japan Japanese This is a picture of me by the bay next to Akarenga ;D.

alexis naquel foreign exchange 2008 Japan Japanese And me in front of the giant ferris wheel and the giant Minato Mirai building ;D! Woohoo!

I also got to go to Shibuya yesterday! I didn:t take many pictures, but I took some video of Ichimarukyuu (Shibuya 109), and the giant TV screens they have there. It:s awesome! Here:s a picture of me in front of Hachikou. alexis naquel foreign exchange 2008 Japan Japanese I actually thought it was going to be a bigger place, but it:s actually a really small place right by the scramble crossing where there:s always 2384725608720 people XD. We went slightly early in the morning/early afternoon, so there weren:t as many people. When we left, there were more people though ^^;.

Okay, so...I was at my little host brother:s Kindergarten building the other day, and Megumi and I were headed for the restroom, when I spotted this sign outside the door. alexis naquel foreign exchange 2008 Japan Japanese Ohhhh yeah XD. Ledies` XDDD. It was hilarious! I saw this and was like, `Eh? that supposed to say :Ladies:?` It was so funny! We talked with the janitor about it, and we all laughed and stuff. It was amazing XD.

Anyway! That:s all I really have to say for now I guess ;D. I:ve fallen in love with this awesome Japanese drama called Ikemen Paradaisu. It has a bunch of really amazingly hot Japanese guys in it, and this one girl who is going to an all-guy:s school. She doesn:t like being a girl, so she talks like a guy and dresses like one and has her hair sort of like a guy:s. It:s short anyway XD. The girl is a really famous actress out here! I can:t remember what her name is though. She:s on commercials and 2 of my favorite shows though. It:s amazing XD.

Well, I guess I:ll update more when something happens or when I have the time ;D! Much loves everyone!