Saturday, September 6, 2008

More pictures! Enjoy!

Here are more pictures from my Japan trip! Photobucket This is a picture of the dinner I ate last night. It was amazingly good!!! The shellfish miso soup didn:t really have any flavor though ^^;. Obentoo This is a picture of a bentoo box. It:s an ordered lunch we get...every day? Or every other day. It:s really handy if you don:t want to make lunch. On a bridge This is one of the bridges we crossed on the way to Tokyo station. On a bridge2 And another bridge we crossed XDDD. Me and the lolita girl XD! This picture was taken in Harajuku with a random Japanese girl walking down the street. Her lolita clothes were so cool!!! She was really nice too ;D. Matsuri! This was also taken in Harajuku when the store was preparing for a festival. Matsuri and Nike! Me and Nike XD. What the.... This is a popular phone advertisement we found in a game store. It was kinda scary, but really cool ;D! yummy caramel milk XD! When we went to the game store they let us try these straws that had caramel and chocolate flavored beads inside of made the milk all chocolatey and caramel...y. It was so delicious! Chocolate and caramel milk Me and Nike enjoying the flavored milk XD. free stuff! This was the free stuff we got from the game store XD. Rare address? Megumi told me that this was a very rare Japanese address. I asked her why, but she said she didn:t know how to explain it, so we just continued down Harajuku.

The rest of these photos were taken in Aki Habara...which is electronic and anime paradise. Literally...there:s anime and electronics EVERYWHERE!!! Most things are pretty cheap too from what I saw...besides the lolita clothes TT^TT. They:re all like 100$!! Anime paradise Anime paradise1 Anime paradise2 Look at all of the people!!! It was crazy amazing! Anime paradise3 Anime paradise4 Nike and a strange dancing bunny>> Nike and the dancing bunny Anime paradise5 More anime stuff XD. Anime paradise6 Anime paradise7 Anime paradise8 Anime paradise9 Anime paradise10 Anime paradise11 Anime paradise11 Anime paradise12 Anime paradise13 Leaving anime paradise This was taken on the way out of Aki Habara and when we were headed toward Tokyo tower XD. alexis naquel foreign exchange 2008 Japan Japanese And this is Tokyo tower! alexis naquel foreign exchange 2008 Japan Japanese Tada!!! Hope you enjoyed it all ;D!


Wade Sorensen said...

Awesome stuff Ali. Looks like you are having a great time!! I am working on Carters blog currently and wanted to add yours as a link. I will send you a copy of his when I am done.

Anonymous said...

UWAAAAAAAAAAAH!! SO COOL!!! I kind of miss the role play now. TT^TT Anyway, my pictures all kind of suck and i have none of myself so I'm going ot wait until I good ones before I send some, okay? I'm glad you're having fun! I want that cell phone add!! =D


sedaworld said...

Ali I sure miss you around here. I am glad you are doing so well and having such a great time. I love the pictures and entries about life there. Keep them coming. Love you much...Jodi

Fowler Farm said...

Wow Ali. I just found your blog on Carters missionary blog. I think my parents forgot to tell me you had one. How cool. It looks like you are having a great time. You look great. We are just keeping busy around here. Talk to you later. Shelby (your long lost cousin haha)