Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It:s been a while!

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn:t blog for a loooong time! Things have been absolutely crazy with school and this upcoming festival that:s coming up. I have to do 2 dances for it, one of which is from the techno group, Perfume. The other is a traditional Japanese fisherman dance XD.
http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=uXdYoyxmoh4 That:s the perfume dance. It:s so fun!
Here:s the traditional Japanese dance >>
http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=inFZWtTF7eo Hope you enjoy them! I:ll see if I can get Megumi to video tape it or something XD. That one:s a lot of fun too...really tiring though because you have to move around a lot XD.

Anyway! I uploaded some new pictures! Here they are XD!
This is a picture of some cold fish on rice that I ate at home. Megumi made it XDDD.

Photobucket This is a picture of the actual small fish on the rice XD. Yes. Those are tiny, dead fish XDDD. So...GOOOOD! I love it XD.


Photobucket This is a picture from one of the Matsuri:s I went to XD. A huge group of people had to pull this thing along the road, and I was one of them XD.

Photobucket Another picture of it XD. Can:t remember what it:s called Dx.

Photobucket A picture of Nike, his friend, and a really funny old guy that was there XDDD.

Photobucket This is a picture of me and this guy that tugs on the ropes so it:s harder to pull the mini shrine thing along.

Photobucket He:s actually Megumi:s friend:s husband XD. He was really nice.

Photobucket This is me and the :Tengu.: The Tengu is a traditional Japanese :exorcist.: That:s how they explained it anyway XD.


Photobucket This is me and the...tsuki...moon...dumplings? I can:t remember how they described it. You only eat these when there:s a full moon. There was a full moon, but it wasn:t showing up TT^TT...but we couldn:t leave them untouched, so we ended up eating them. Inside of the white mochi is purple anko.... So good!!! Anko is mashed beans. They:re really delicious. Sorta sweet.

Photobucket A picture of the food XD.

Photobucket I went with Megumi, Alan, and this Saudi Arabian woman named Reem and her daughter. It was an event where this lady taught all of the Japanese kids English. It was really noisy Dx.

Photobucket We also went to Yokohama station...can:t remember if it was the same day or not Dx. But anyway!!! There was a drink place there, and I got this mango smoothie with brown tapioca at the bottom. I didn:t like the tapioca very much, but the smoothie was really good XD.

Photobucket While we were at Yokohama station, we went to several of the clothes stores, and this was one of them!!! They had tons of lolita clothes! I really wanted to get a picture with all of the staff, but one member wasn:t able to make it XDDD. It:s so cool! They had such cool clothes! I want to go back and look more XD.

Photobucket A few days later we went to Megumi:s mother:s grave. There:s a special few days set aside for people to go visit the graves, so we went, I prayed and stuff, just sort of saying hello to Megumi:s mother:s spirit. It was really cool, and it smelled so good because there was burning incense everywhere ^^! This is Nike getting the water so we could spread it over her grave.


Photobucket This is me spreading water over the grave, making it clean and stuff ^^.

Photobucket This is a picture of Megumi:s mother:s grave.

Photobucket Later that day we headed to another Matsuri, and this was over the road named :God:s road.: It was so huge!!! I got a picture of me beside it, but it:s on Megumi:s camera XD.

Photobucket This is a picture of a building next to the Matsuri location. On the left are baby:s graves.

Photobucket This was the center of the Matsuri. It was SO amazing!!! This building and the actual shrine were my favorite part of the trip XD.

Photobucket This is a building that was next to the shrine.

Photobucket This is a picture of the shrine right after you enter the area.

Photobucket This is an upclose picture of the shrine XD.

Photobucket A picture of me by the shrine. I actually threw in 10 Yen and prayed. It was so awesome! People usually come here, throw in some money, then pray for their families or for welfare and stuff...just traditional stuff.

Photobucket This is me eating an amazingly delicious potato smothered with butter and corn. SO GOOD XD!

Anyway...that:s all for now!!! I love you so much and I miss ya!!! OMG My birthday is in just a couple days!!! I:m...excited? I guess XDDD! I:ll be 18 OMG! That:s so weird Dx!!!! Hahahah, love you all tons and bunches!!! Talk to you all later ;D!

~Alexis Naquel~


Anonymous said...

Ali I loved the pictures and the explanations. You look like you are having the time of your life. I miss you and hope you have a great birthday celebration. You are a wonderful writer, keep it up.

Alison said...

Dude thanks for sending me a link to your blog!! T_T Had to get a link off Cassie. Meh well I found it so all's forgiven :D.

Anyway cool your bday's in a couple of days? Happy birthday!! Mine's October 4th and I'll be 19. Ugh I'm so old DX.

Dude that food looks awesome! I want a dumpling ;_;. But hey good news! I found a Japanese place here that sells ramen called Yapona! Finally I was able to have ramen and man was it good :D. Now I'm on a quest to get okonomiyaki which is Japanese pizza I think. You better have some while you're there!! >:O

Also if you haven't gotten me a souvenir it's ok. Any souvenir I'd want is The World Ends With You merchandise so if you see some get it for me I'll definitely pay ya back.

What's Japanese TV like btw? That's all I've been doing lately is watching TV, mainly House. Dude I fricken love that show :D. I've also got a job as a scary person at the Haunted Forest in AF. I get hurt a lot and sometimes the night just won't end, but it's so funny to see people scared so bad. Some people are douches or don't get scared on their way through though. Cassie's working there with me too.

Yeah so not much happening here. Man looks like you're having so much fun I want to go >_<. Been to an arcade yet? Seen some gambling joints? You should see if pachinko is really addicting :p.

Anyway Happy Birthday and I hope you'll continue to be safe and have lots of fun! When are you coming back btw?