Thursday, August 28, 2008

Whats New!

Hello everyone!!! Ali here XDDD! How is everybody?! I guess you`re all wondering because I haven`t e-mailed anybody since I got here! I:m so sorry guys! Also, sorry the colon sign is going to be replacing my apostrophes for a while because it:s really hard to make this keyboard type apostrophes!

Anyway! I:ve been in Japan for about a week now I think...and I:ve already learned SOOOOO much! It:s incredible. I:m not sure exactly what stage of the culture shock I:m in right now though. In the beginning when I first came to my host family:s house and such I was so scared, but I:ve really started connecting with the family. They:re really an awesome, really kind family.

Yesterday I went swimming with Alan, her boyfriend Tatsumi, his friend Masa, and his girlfriend Juri (pronounced Julie...but with an r instead XDDD). It was a lot of fun, but I got a horrible sunburn! Whenever I can, I:ll upload the pictures and put them on here so you can all see how red I got. It was so fun though! After we swam we went to the rest of the No! I can:t remember what it:s called. Maybe Tashomaen...Taishomaen. Something like that XDDD! We went to the rest of the amusement park called Taishomaen...yeah...and there were roller coasters and stuff. It was so fun! Everyone was making me laugh. I didn:t talk much or understand much because everyone was speaking so fast, but afterward Alan explained everything to me so I could understand.

Don:t worry, Dad. I:m using plenty of Japanese. XDDD!

Anyway! Today I bought a couple of souvenirs from China Town after I went to the school with Alan. We went and I saw Mami-san (she was one of the JFIE counselors that was at orientation), and both she and Alan conversed with the teachers so they could figure out what they:re going to do with my schedule and stuff. I got my uniform!!! *dances* I:m really excited. It:s so cool!!! Afterward, Alan showed me around the school and stuff. I:m going to take my video camera next time so I can upload it on Dad:s computer when I get home and put it up on youtube. It:s so huuuuuuge!!! There are 8 floors.

...8 FLOORS!!!!! It:s soooo big! I met some of Alan:s friends and they are so funny. Only one of them really introduced herself. Her name was Kana. She had the brightest hair out of all of us. It was a reddish orangish color. So cool though! I think she has extensions...anyway!

So, we went to China Town today like I said and I tried some awesome food. I can:t remember what it:s called...but it was basically a chicken-like meat inside of a doughy bun thing. It was really hot, but so good! For breakfast I had some Japanese bread. It was bread with melted cheese in the middle. Sooooo soo so good. Now I see why Alan missed Japanese bread when she came to America. It:s amazing!!!

Anyway...I also tried octopus today! It was...chewy just like I:ve heard it was, but it was good! I also had some, shaved ice with mangos and mango sauce.... It was so amazingly good!!! And last night we had :shabu shabu.: We had it in the tatami room too!!! You basically have a boiling pot on the small table, rice in a bowl, and a bowl full of this....sauce stuff. You mix together two sauces and then start boiling vegetables and meat in the pot. You move the beef and pork back and forth, which makes a :shabu shabu: sound...hence...the name of the food! Shabu shabu XDDD! The food here is so incredibly good, and I:m so proud of you Tifa for trying shrimp! I:m so happy you...sort of...liked it :D!!!!

Anyway...tomorrow I get to wear this Yukatta my family bought me! I was so happy! They bought me it as a present. I was so incredibly happy. I thanked her mom so many times. More and more every day, she thinks I:m like a Japanese person. I almost typed nihonjin (Japanese person) D8!!!! I:m getting used to hearing the language. Megumi (mama-san) says that I learn things really fast. She learns pretty fast too!!!

Anyway...let:s see...what else has happened...??? *thinks* I bought some souvenirs for some people. I hope they like them...which reminds me! Thank you Riley so much for the photo book and the note! When I read it, Alan could see I was super happy and she was like :Don:t cry!!!: I started laughing, but it was really really nice of you to do something like that.

Anyway, I should probably get off the computer, but I:ll be putting up some pictures and such soon so you can see stuff. Much loves everyone! I hope you:re all doing well!!!

~Alexis Naquel~

Oh, and P.S.... Today I had to introduce myself twice...once in front of the principal, and another time in front of the vice principle. It was really, REALLY scary, but they both said my Japanese was good and I could understand a lot. The counselors assured me that I would be okay language-wise. I:m doing my best to learn it! Love you all!<3!!!


Todd Sorensen said...

Thanks for setting up a blog. I love you and am so excited for you. Thanks for speaking japanese! :O


Dave & Amber Yates said...

Love you Ali, so proud of you for doing this!! Sounds like your doing great!!!

ttrae11 said...

WAAHHH!!! I MISS YOUUU!!!!! *sob sob sob sob sob sob* I:m glad you had a fun time at the swimming pool!! rabu rabu!!!

Well I:ll send you my normal... blog thingy!! Love love!!


what-lies-beyond said...

I'm glad you're doing good ^^ it sounds awesome and the school sounds huge. I am glad you liked the present and I hope that you enjoy it :) Me and Alisha both have you and tia as our Desktop backgrounds (Mine is you, tia, and Andy) And we're thinking of you constantly. Without you guys, I've been forced to entertain Mmatt and Josh and everyone. It's difficult... And somewhat creepy because I will be quietly sitting to myself and Everyone else will be like 0.0 And I'm like 0.o yes?
they are like anticipating me doing something.. Anyways remember we love you and I hope you have fun while you're there!

Riley The vampiric Alien.

Todd Sorensen said...

Hi Ali!!! I MISS YOU... You sound and look so good. The house seem so lost without you. I think I'm getting nervous for you and your first day of school. I know you will do great and will make TON'S of new friends. I just wish I could be there. I hope we get to talk before you go. All my love to you xoxoxoxoxo


Todd Sorensen said...

I love the pix Ali kept em coming and videos too!


Todd Sorensen said...

You look so good!! I LOVE the pix. The guy looks like michael Jackson 8O. Hope your week at school went well and you had tons of fun. I can't wait to talk to you again. rabu rabu!!!


Todd Sorensen said...

Ali the pictures are GREAT. I wish I could be there with you :( I can't believe all the anime billborads and yes A WHOLE CITY!!!! that is just crazy. I look forward to talking to you again.. LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH


Todd Sorensen said...

Ali Bo, I would love to see some more pictures that have your mom and dad or alan in them too!. You will love these when you are back home. I loved all of your pictures. We love and miss you and are very proud of you.